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A visitor looks at an art installation of mobile phones hanging from the ceiling displayed by collector Yuichi Kogure at the "Room 32" fashion and design exhibition in Tokyo.

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The garbage we create!

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Very beautiful and original... lol

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If this is art then my room is a MASTERPIECE!

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I would probably wear the same expression if it were me...

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Dunno much about 'art' but I know what I like, and what I like is nothing like a bunch of old mobiles dangling on the end of strings.

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" Art "...give her a SHOTGUN, and a box of SHELLS, NOT you've got some "ART".

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When I was an elementary school student, I sculpted a statue of a half-length portrait of the man. And it looked weird or peculiar if you will. And as expected, my homeroom teacher said like "What is this crap?!" and didn't give me credit for the weird sculpture. But lo and behold, my art teacher loved it so much that he ended up having it on display in the art room, I mean, to keep it permanently. That really reminds me of my good old days. Yep! Art is very hard to understand in a way. ;‑)

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I guess that's why they say : "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ?

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So, this 'artist' went to a cell phone shop, asked for a couple of boxes of their old display case/returned/unsold phones, tied strings to them, and hung them from the ceiling... and it's are because....?

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Perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on the "artist." He's probably had to sit through four years of drawing sections of cabbages and cheap plaster of Paris copies of Roman busts and had every ounce of creativity tromped out of him by his "teachers."

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99% of contemporary art is just pathetic. Unoriginal, uninspiring and pretentious. Literally anyone can be an artist. You don't even need a good idea, as this thing or the kayak vagina distinctly prove. All you need is good networking or something slightly controversial (no matter if unoriginal).

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She is wondering why did she ever gave up her proven Galapagos (clam-shell) phone for the crappy iPhone that has a failing battery (that is hard to replace), poor reception, and a screen that is easy to scratch and must be protected. Too bad, -You're under contract and stuck with it.

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