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A model in a wheelchair presents a creation by designer Takafumi Tsuruta from his Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 collection for his brand tenbo during Tokyo Fashion Week which runs until Saturday.

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Awesome and nice work to the designer and to the models for having the courage to do this.

This doesn't quell the noise on the whiteness and unrealistic waist lines of runway models, but this a beautiful display of what fashion is supposed to be about, the designer thinking of real everyday people, including the handicapped.

Here are more pics and a more detailed story:


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The model's name is Ami Sano. She was born without arms and only a partially formed left foot. She was a cheerleader at the high school she attended. Read more about her here: http://www.cy8cy.com/my-name-is-sano-ami-sano/

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Beautiful girl

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Thank you for that. She has a name. Of course.

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What a lovely smile, good for Takafumi Tsuruta for doing this :)

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Thank you Yuya Shino and JT for today's photo! There is so much to like about Ami Sano, Takafumi Tsuruta, the fashion, the photo and the story! As mentioned above by gogogo, thank you to iwatejay for posting more information about Ms. Sano, too!

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If you hadn't told me, I might not even have noticed.

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Ah, some uplifting news! Good on the designer, and good on the models.

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She sings in an Orion Beer commercial too.

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A model in a wheelchair...

Good photo. And yes, me too sensei258... the write up and generic description took nearly everything away from the focus; the person.

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the write up and generic description took nearly everything away from the focus; the person.

The last thing she wants is for the focus to be on her. A good model draws attention to the clothes, a bad model draws attention to herself. Her goal was to model the dress by Takafumi Tsuruta and she's done that. If there is more info written about the model than the dress, it means she has failed. (Is this too subtle for people to understand?)

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Just, yes. But this is not the 'spot' appearing in a magazine. This is a JT-cropped piece from Reuters about the 'spot'.

The designer is mentioned. The designer's brand is mentioned. The collection time period is mentioned. Tokyo Fashion Week is given.

And yes, the model has done her job - no question.

However, subtleties have run out in this picture placement, and notice the title. That is not included in the 'original spot'.

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Ok, I sort of get what you are saying, but I think by not alluding the most visually strinking feature of the photo, it makes you question whether it is only you, and no-one else, who sees her physical disability as something that must be acknowledged and discussed. It's an artistically powerful picture of the day precisely because of what the caption doesn't say... (even if the original Reuters article was very different). At least that's my view.

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She is beautiful!

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It's a beautiful photo of a beautiful person. Thanks to everyone above who supplied links to learn more about her, too.

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