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♥ Tokyo. Great photo.

Glad to see everyone wearing masks, unlike the idiots in my home country.

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I agree!

Same in my home country.

I have no idea how many Lockdowns they had already, always and always cases increases...but they never understand that wearing mask, one of the simplest basic prevention, can protect them.

Even the Monkey Man understands that.

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Well done people everybody using mask !!..

Salary Monkey.. ONLY IN JAPAN !!..

Best and frikiest country of the world !!..

Tokyo best city of the world !!..

Tissues ??..

LOL !!..

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He picks up girls like this, he's weird.

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Everyone around him is looking away, embarrassed to be standing next to him.

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So somebody is walking around Tokyo taking random pics of people?

No privacy issues here?

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Kudos Tokyo-m, sorry in a hurry, didn't notice.

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So somebody is walking around Tokyo taking random pics of people?

Um, yes.

Photographers tend to do that. Especially from the news outlets. If you look at the credits for this pic:

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Also, if he was that concerned about privacy, he'd probably not be doing YouTube and dressed in that attire.

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Look, even monkies wear masks!

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Yeah but what about those around him? I for one wouldn't want my pic (especially as part of an unrelated group to the subject as in the above photo) pasted all over the show without my permission.

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The laws of privacy are not always very clear. Taking a photo on the street for personal use requires no permission unless the copyright is involved. Taking a photo of a person for the model to be published for profit requires a model release. Reuters would have approached him for a model release.

Like photoing police on duty and publishing online. Is that a copyright privacy issue?

Guide To Photography Etiquette in Japan


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Great way to "monkey around" in Tokyo. More of us should take on the persona of the animal world and let go a bit. No problem if he got dropped on his head as a kid. He appears fully functional now and maybe more attractive to opposite genders. Who knows just lighten-up more today given the fact this is a terrible pandemic

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Would you like to be able to wear a gorilla suit, bunny suit, all kinds of emo lolita suits, etc, etc in public, and everyone to pretend they're not noticing? Come to Tokyo - it is very liberating in a way.

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This is what happens when you abandon every ounce of human dignity.

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Bob, you have hit the nail on the head.

What ridicule would one endure to gain attention?

There is nothing more irritating that a fool dressed up as a monkey standing at a zebra crossing.

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There is nothing more irritating that a fool dressed up as a monkey standing at a zebra crossing.

Oh, there are a lot more things irritating than that.

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Blue Peter appeal fashion again.

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The world is becoming an increasingly grim, censorious and up-tight place. Photography is an art form, and photographs of city streets and the people on them form an important part of our social history. One of the joys of Tokyo is that seeing a guy in a monkey costume there no longer surprises me. But it does make me smile. We could all use a few extra things to make us smile the way things are at the moment. Crime and cruelty merit criticism and condemnation, but I can't imagine why people take time out of their busy days to go online and complain about a 'photo of the day' like this.

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There is nothing more irritating that a fool dressed up as a monkey standing at a zebra crossing.

What a blessed life you’ve led.

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