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Monkey mirth


A monkey performs in front of spectators at Zenizuka-Jizoson shrine in Tokyo's Asakusa district on Wednesday.

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I doubt that monkey ever been in the wild or could survive there.

Most likely born in a Zoo or Monkey Park, not all that different to a Pet.

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Pets are domesticated animals. So it is different.

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Lighten up people. Unless you know for a fact that this monkey's being abused, this is not that different from teaching a pet to do tricks.

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This is so sad...wild animals don't belong in cages or leashes...

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Wild animals are not toys.

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When i first saw this i thought it was one of our politicos out on a meet the people event......

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Clown in a leash

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In the monkey's limited intellect, he probably thinks he's surrounded by ugly, hairless monkeys. After the initial shock, he began to find the whole thing hilarious. He especially loves seeing them duck when he flings poop at them.

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This is animal abuse. The people in the photo should be ashamed of themselves. I doubt they have the intellect to do so though.

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I am sure this monkey is fed well and treated well, I only feel sorry for him when he can't perform anymore and is not a gravy train for his owner anymore.

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That's adorable but I can't help but feel a little sad for the monkey.

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