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Wow it's been 50 years

One small step for man; One giant leap for mankind

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I love the interior of that room. You can't find places like that anymore. And the women in kimono.

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I remember the day. It was a very fine and hot day in Osaka city. The colors of TV pictures are black and white. it's just 50 years ago. Amazing.

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There are still tons of places like that left in Japan.

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@Spitfire, True, but I am Shinjuku born (1980) and raised, and Shinjuku is my hood. The problem is that there aren't any like that here any more. There used to be places like that, but they are torn down. Condos don't replicate that atmoshpere.

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You can't find places like that anymore. 

No wonder. They just aren't comfortable. How you like to watch Netflix in a cross-legged position with no back support? When I first came here, I tried the tatami experience, with low tables and cushions on the floor. Ugh. My knees and lower back have never forgiven me.

People today want sofas and armchairs, for good reason.

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There are plenty of houses in the inaka that still look exactly like this. Right down to the doll in the glass case.

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Natsukashi: It looks like my geshiku room while a student at kyudai...mukashi mukashi.

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