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Mr Smith goes to Tokyo


British singer Sam Smith, who won four Grammy Awards last week, arrives at Narita airport, on Saturday. Smith is in Japan to promote his debut album "In the Lonely Hour."

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Who? Judging by the picture I guess I'm not the only one asking that question.

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(not so) Big in Japan

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love the "guards" doing the infuriating Japanese body block against 5 bystanders who don't know whats happening

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@Selchuk Driss: If you have time to read Japan Today, I'm sure you have time to read other press. Unless you are a living on Mars and don't read ANY English language publication, I'm sure most know who he is. He won 4 Grammys this week. No - He may not be so big in Japan (yet) - but I think he will be in time, and judging by the mark up for the tickets for his promo this coming week there MUST be a certain following. For a 30 minute set, its quite staggering.

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The music is slow & lyrics are boring. He certainly didnt deserve all those awards. 1 maybe. A performance by sam smith? I'd rather watch wet paint dry.

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Notice the white guy on the right, if free to pass by and attack him, if he so chooses.

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