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Try a hat instead of a fan?

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And I am sure she is not bumping in anyone.

I think she is watching a Video...

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Cute picture!

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Stupidity the latest fashion hope it passes soon.

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Good Picture.

But is this suppose to be satire of the times

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Of course there's a photo of a woman to go with this. For some reason women are superior to men when it comes to multitasking. Can any female readers shed any light on this?

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Of course there's a photo of a woman to go with this. For some reason women are superior to men when it comes to multitasking. Can any female readers shed any light on this?

One of my jobs, years ago, required listening to 6-10 conversations concurrently, each on a different voice channel. The job was to filter out what didn't matter to my team, but follow those things that did matter and provide advice on the subject over the correct voice loop. There were 600+ people working in this environment at a time and probably 2000 who did it regularly.

Everyone working in that environment did this. There weren't any tests, but it does take time to learn. For the first few weeks, I listened to 2-3 channels, then added 1 more. These were 12 hour shifts and we still had to do our jobs while listening. At 6 channels, things became much harder. Each channel had completely different, technical, conversations.

On average, women seemed to take longer to pick up the skill. Nobody had a definitive reason why, but there were theories. The 2 most popular theories at the time, were that men were used to not listening to others and that women wanted not to listen just for keywords, but to the details of every conversation by every person talking. I suppose both were partially true, just ask any wife how attentive her husband is when she's talking. ;) The women who did pick up the skill were really excellent at it and their jobs, but that could have been just that women in a male dominated environment ARE better than the average men doing similar work. I was always impressed by the women in that environment.

There have been lots of studies done the last 25 years on human ability to multitask. Younger people think they are better at it, but testing proves that they are better at appearing to be good at it, but miss important aspects of each task they are performing concurrently


end up spending much more time doing multiple things at once than if they'd done each, single-task, in order.



Nice photo, but can she pat her head and rub her belly? I always had trouble with that.

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I like her eyes.

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. For some reason women are superior to men when it comes to multitasking.

Well that is a myth well disproven. might be time to try a new stereotype.

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Every now and then people who do this trip and fall on their faces. Even that doesn't seem to be enough to deter them.

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She appears to be talking on the phone. ;)

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Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste

No looking where she's going both hands occupied, nose and mouth covered.

Let's see that is 4/5 senses blocked. If she wears a blindfold, she completes the set and wins the Darwin prize!

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Sorry, meant earplugs, not blindfold....

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The fan is pointed right at her mask. She will perceive little in the way of a cooling effect because the mask will work as it is supposed to, and block the air from getting in. I agree with Mick - a hat might be better, or an umbrella.

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Those STUPID little fans will be gracing garbage dumps in MASSIVE quantities......people we need to try to STOP buying JUNK that soon will be garbage!!!

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