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Nabana no Sato


Illumination in the pattern of fields of flowers light up Nabana no Sato theme park in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture.

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Tattoo: Hey boss, look at lights on the de plain, de plain.

Mr. Roarke: Smiles everyone smiles.

Tattoo: All's ready boss.

Mr. Roarke: Welcome to Christmas Fantasy Mie.

Tommy Chong: Look at the lights!

Cheech Marin: Man I think had too much Maui wowi on the plane.

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at least they sell beer there

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Whats that about the environment?? Just like walking in the subway, look the other way, and the problem disappears!!! Lights, too much electricity etc.

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Maybe this fixation with illuminations has something to do with Japan coming second in the the list of countries apparently not doing enough to combat gobal warming!

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