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In this photo distributed Wednesday by Miura Dolphins, 80-year-old Japanese adventurer Yuichiro Miura, right, and his son, Gota, rest on their way to a camp during their attempt to scale the summit of Mount Everest. According to his management office, Miura plans to reach the 8,850-meter peak on Thursday, becoming the world's oldest person to reach the world's highest peak.

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dang, that it one healthy, and rich, old dude!

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Hope the whether stays nice and the conditions good. Remember, despite it being a lofty goal you are not the only one you are putting at risk. That said, best of luck!

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It needs GUTS not just MONEY to get there and put your life at risk at an age of 80+.. WOW !

Best of Luck !! Although I think a SHERPA will beat his RECORD soon if he does set one !! ;)

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Who is Miura Dolphins?

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Yeah, money can't give you the perfect physical condition needed for tackling this mountain. Very impressive.

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How many years has it been since his last summit? About 3? And is the person who broke that record still alive and climbing?

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Plenty of Sherpas with them, making this possible, I'm quite sure

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They did a Feature about him on the news last week, and Yuichiro is in great shape. His workout regiment would put a lot of young men to shame.

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The weather on the picture is good. It looks like they have good conditions to safely reach the peak.

Mountains are so exciting - especially when you live in a lakeland, like me. I'm used to the views of Pomeranian lakeland and when I traveled to the mountains once (which weren't as high as the Mount Everest), it was fascinating to see these all of these giant hills and highlands. On a flat terrain the view is mostly blocked by surrounding trees. Although the perspective of climbing a steep slope or steep stairs without handrails is quite terrifying for me, so I usually crawl on them and hug every tree.

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How many of us here at JT are just fat slobs, struggling to move our fingers on this keyboard at this very moment, while an 80 YEAR old is climbing Mt. EVEREST!! For shame! At least I went to the top of Mt.Fuji a few years ago!

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I know the family well. Their family bond is really something to be admired.

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Well, I hope he makes it.

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