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New E8 bullet train


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Wouldn't it have been easier to drive it there on the railway?

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No, Shinkansen tracks have the same width as the train tracks in Europe, but they are also way wider than local train tracks in Japan. Since there are no Shinkansen tracks from the factory to the location of the Yamagata Shinkansen line tracks, there you have it.

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Excellent, GO JAPAN!!..

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@Euro Dude

So the train arrives before tracks completed?

Oh,sorry, forgot where I was.

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The undercarriage is made in a different factory.

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Bullet trains are in most developed countries, and even in some barely developed countries, but not here in the States.......too much opposition from corporations dependent on promoting fossil fuels.

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Absolutely a national disgrace that the US hasn't got a decent train service let alone a 'bullet train' one.

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the US hasn't got a decent train service

The US/Canada freight rail system is the world's best.

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