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Hisoka Yuasa, 4, receives a full-body scan during a chocolate making workshop ahead of Valentine's Day at KS Design Lab in Tokyo. A chocolate-making workshop by KS Design Lab offers classes ahead of Valentine's Day for making personalized gifts, by turning one's face into a chocolate treat for their significant other. Participants first scan their faces and edit the data using a computer software. The data is then sent to a 3D printer to produce silicon molds which chocolate is eventually poured into. The workshop is free of charge and attracted close to 20 participants.

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Maybe part of the agreement lists 3D data usage to other companies...

That's what I'm wondering. A year from now some company is looking for a 3D "4-year old" scan and this girl's body scan is sold to them. kowaidesune.

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Maybe part of the agreement lists 3D data usage to other companies...this dark pic reminds me so much of the first "Resident Evil" movie with a cute little girl's hologram saying "You are all gonna die!"

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20 years later News Flash; Scanning your body is found to cause Cancer and Brain Tumors.

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Just noticed they even have her standing on a chair so that they can get a good scan of her feet. What's up with that?

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I agree with Zichi. There is no reason to do a "full body scan" if all you're using is the face in the chocolate. What are they doing with the full body scan afterwards?

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Weird comments, guys-

cute little kid, probably having a ball making her very own chocolate!

Adults would get a kick out of it too, but a limited one. Only if it were cheap would it be worth the trouble.

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"Hisoka"? As in "secret"? I imagine this is the little girl's pseudonym.

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However, I must add that the photo looks like some confounding contemporary art installation.

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bite off the head of your love one.............must be sweet

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Now ya can suck on her whole face as much as ya want!

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Yeah, who else was freaked out by Willie Wonka?

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That's just creepy, to be honest. Maybe a scale replica chocolate mask would be better. But it has some weird cannibalistic undertones to it all. Still, it looks like a lot of fun for the girl.

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It's a good idea. But I think they need to improve on it.

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I think it's only light, not X-rays, they're scanning with Zichi.

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What is the problem? It' s a lump of chocolate on a stick with a (not very realistic, if the photo is anything to go by) impression of a face on it.

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An innocent enough article and great photos. Seems like some believe too much of the media that make people think there is a paedo on every street corner.

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by turning one’s face into a chocolate treat for their significant other.

YO! This kid is 4, NOT 24..................what the are you trying to do here

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