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New life for old VW


An abandoned old VW Beetle is being put to good use outside a hair salon in Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture.

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About a 1963 model?

Copenhagen blue.

I had one exactly the same, a really fun car.

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the body is still godd because it is a German car made of real thick metal.

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"good use"...as a planter? Really?.poor car!

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The chassis could be rusted out. The car seems to be sitting rather low. Still, it is kind of cool just to be able to see the body in one piece. I am sure it is quite a conversation piece in the neighborhood.

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Whatever else they were - slow, cold, cramped - Beetles were fun, so much so that they became a sign of the times and a cultural icon, worshipped by 1960's flower children.

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What a lovely setting.

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My first car was a '68 Beetle. Battled with it in the winters, fuel pump issues, rust, etc, but it was a car you could have a real relationship with. A car you had to deal with, in a rewarding way.

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These things are worth a small fortune restored, especially in Japan. That's an early 70's model cos it has the big back window. We used to cut these things up and make beach buggies out of them (30 odd years ago). I had a couple of baja bugs and an old split windscreen combi as well. I built my own 1600 twin port engine and used to just swap bodies over. I feel a bit sorry for the younger generation cos they will never know what it's like to cruise around in a classic old beetle. They were fun cars to drive on and off road.

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I had a 1963 beetle, painted bright yellow with green..very easy to find at the parking lot...it was a load of fun!

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It's a car-den. John Candy did this years ago on SCTV - a Canadian comedy show. Worth a watch.

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