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Go ladies!

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You could have mentioned that the Women's World Cup is being held in Australia and New Zealand in their winter.

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Nippon TV Tokyo Verdy Beleza player Riko Ueki

Now there's a team name we can all rally behind

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So, are they determined, or not?

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The three in uniform all play for Beleza. Second from the left is Rikako Kobayashi and the player on the right is Aoba Fujino. Barring injury they will probably all go to the world cup in July.

The talent not in uniform is Yuka Kageyama for those wondering.

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We are in an era of overcooked football kits. Never liked those gaudy stripes down the arm you get with Adidas. The pink and lilac thing looks like the colors on fabric conditioner bottles.

Anyway, that’s a minor moan.

You could have mentioned that the Women's World Cup is being held in Australia and New Zealand in their winter

This is more important. Over 350 million people watched the women’s Euros last year. We could likely see record-breaking figures for this.

Testament to how the game has women’s game has developed over the years.

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‘the game has women’s game’ ?

The women’s game.

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there was no TV coverage for the international She Believes cup this year for example

Tin-pot cup. The men’s game has also introduced nonsense like the Nations League or whatever it’s called.

Maybe viewership has declined in Japan as Japan have slid down the rankings since their glory days as World Champions. Hope to see better from them.

Worldwide, viewership for women’s football is eclipsing many male sports.

Hope to see it continue.

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Oh, just a thought.... a ticket to a WE League match in Japan will set you back 2,500 yen. 

You can tickets for as cheap as 1000 yen if you purchase before the day of the match.

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a new uniform, to be worn by the Japanese women's national soccer team at this summer's FIFA Women's World Cup

Good luck. :)

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I like it, but I'd be grateful to see TWO examples side by side, to see if the pink-white cloudy part in the middle section is exactly the same on everyone's uniform (more white-cloudy at the bottom right area in the pic), or is it like a tie-dye where each one comes out differently?

Samurai Blue? Meet Kunoichi Pink-u!

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The 'FIGHT-O!!" fist.

They must mean business!

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