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New look for Trump


A Japanese graffiti artist known as 281 Antinuke poses for a photo with his sticker art depicting U.S. President Donald Trump in Tokyo's Shibuya district on Friday night. See story here.

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trump between two KKK members! HOW APROPOS!

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So I see that David Duke and the KKK brotherhood with the perception antagonist toward the world is a nice graffiti. I would like to market the t shirt in the U.S.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

WOW the "artist" can draw triangles. Amazing!

-7 ( +3 / -10 )

Brilliant!! The central figure is immediately recognisable as Trump even though it is only a bunch of triangles, and so are the KKK members. This could go viral.

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This clown should deal with Abe-kun first. He seems to care more about another country rather than his own. That is really unpatriotic.

He should create an image of Abe standing in the middle of a Japanese woman holding a baby and a really old person dressed in construction clothes.

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

This will make a mark. I can see this symbol taken off around the world. It as history a 10 year would relate with, The KKK symbol is as political powerful as the Nazi symbol. And the 10 year old can relate to President Trump as well. Great bit of Propaganda Art. I love it !

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That's rather political for a Japanese artist... and quite good! I'm assuming he or she intentionally put Trump with the KKK alongside him. Goes to show the whole world knows what's really going on, and the right-wingers from the US can't just "alternatively" explain it away and blame others.

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Trump is not KKK. So its just a silly hateful comparison. Since this kid is Japanese he probably knows nothing about the KKK, and is doing this to be popular cause its popular to do.

-7 ( +0 / -7 )

This clown should deal with Abe-kun first.

It seems he has.


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Very simple and yet gets the message across very effectively.

This clown should deal with Abe-kun first.

It seems he has.

And I enjoyed the other pictures at that website. However I do worry for the artist - if Abe gets wind of this, he'll probably try to get it shut down - it's going to be 1984 for Japan AND USA.

Trump is not KKK

One thing's for sure - he sure as hell didn't do anything to disassociate himself from the KKK or condemn them in anyway.

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However I do worry for the artist - if Abe gets wind of this, he'll probably try to get it shut down

@Pukey2, have you not got the wrong country? Freedom of speech is generally supported (so long as you don't work for NHK or make kayaks) and, leaving politics aside, Abe comes across as a fairly relaxed guy who can take criticism. (Which might account for his high popularity ratings.) You won't get harassed for saying he hasn't hit 11 holes-in-one or that 3 billion people didn't attend his inauguration speech.

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