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I'm guessing this meeting is in response to Malaysia expressing doubts about the TPP?

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So, Mahathir is not expected to make it out of the group stage, then?

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It was a must visit for Dr Mahathir to 'request and assure.'

Specifically, Dr Mahathir requested several items from the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, such as granting Malaysia some soft loans, setting up Japanese universities in KL, and helping Malaysia's rail management systems. In return, he assured that under his leadership, Malaysian Government will look after Japan's national interests and Japanese investors. Not less importantly, through this trip, Dr Mahathir woul tod like assure his people that 'In Mahathir you could trust'.

The way in which Mr Abe gave Dr Mahathir a soccer shirt number 7 indicates that Dr Mahathir's requests would be fulfilled if he were part of Japan's team.

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A great meeting between Malaysia and Japan. Malaysia is getting ready to kick out China and embrace Japan. The soccer jersey is a great gift. It is dig against China, since China isn't at this world Cup. Moreover, since Japan is Asia's primer soccer power it tells Malaysia that they are with a winner.

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