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New Year exodus


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I'm not sure what the "End of the line" message in the photo is referring to, but it triggered memories of the song below and of many Shinkansen trips in the 80s and 90s. Both cheer me up.


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I went with my family on the Shinkansen about 2 weeks ago. Totally different than that photo. Not so much travel and very peaceful. We had a great time.

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They should scrap jiyu seating during peak holiday periods.

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Never mind the exodus..

2021 has been a gloomy and lackluster year, a year full of natural disasters of all kinds, 

filled with war warnings from many nations, topped up with global deadly attacks of invisible virus.

Still, humans strive to overcome the odds. 

Hope for the best for 2022 despite the current negative circumstances.

Keep the hope alive, no matter what, no matter how. Perhaps that is our only option..

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I am planning to go for a ride on my bicycle!

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I am heading to Shin-Osaka Shinkansen now!

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Ugh, so glad to be able to take holidays when the masses aren't travelling.

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