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Niagara Falls is the theme of this year's spectacular winter illumination display at Nabana no Sato theme park in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture. More than 8 million lights are being used for the display which runs through March 31, 2015. Other attractions include the flower-themed tunnel of lights, lights floating above the water and the park's reflecting pool.

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....wrong colors blah blah blah..... ....wasting energy blah blah blah....

There! I saved the naysayers all the trouble. Merry Christmas!

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Actually it looks pretty good (and I grew up in Niagara Falls)

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It seems that the real naysayers are those that don't love the beauty of the earth enough to want to protect it. Helping to destroy the environment by replicating it artificially is simply distain for nature.

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Niagara Falls, Ontario; just, seems to have it so much better than Niagara Falls, N.Y.

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I have seen many waterfalls. No water falls is looking so good as Niagara Fall. it is spectacular. Japanese water falls are so weak comparing with Niagara.

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i dont see the connection between Christmas and Niagara falls, Japan is really clueless about the real spirit of Christmas...

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Niagara Falls has a Festival of Lights around Christmas time...so nothing wrong with Japan doing it either

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