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MLB Little League Classic - it's amazing how a pro league could change their traditional schedules to accommodate the young ones. Not everything has to be so serious

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Kids of all walks of life, need Positive Inspiration within their Lives as many have so Negative at home.

Modern day Hero's such as "Darvish" are doing exactly what really needs to be done by lots of other Sports and Public "Hero's" ... to inspire the Junior Nation out of a blinkered view upon their future... but , not just that, to follow up with help. I have known many a kid who was way far superior to me, but was held back to their Family Economic situation ... this, is what is sadest, about today's Democracy - and it applies true to all Countries. But how do we fix this ?

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Inspiring for those Kids!

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The story is even better when explained in full.

One of Darvish's teammates, Anthony Rizzo, had hit a home run and autographed the ball. Rizzo wanted to make sure that one of the Japanese little league players received the ball, as Rizzo was impressed with how the kid had played earlier in the day.

So Rizzo asked Darvish to act as translator to make sure the right kid (the team's shortstop) received the ball.

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they must be so happy to meet darvish.

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