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Not sure exactly what his problem is with the drill. Seems a fairly sensible thing to do.

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I agree with him. Because the whole missile issue is one huge lie.

Wake up and smell the coffee sheeple!

4 ( +9 / -5 )

More fear spreading by Abe & Industro-military Inc.

Saw on tv and wondered what the few 100 participants would do to save themselves in the extremely unlikely event of a real attack? Seemed no different to a fire drill, but with a much more inflammatory tag - Missile!!!

Strange in all of the recent missile hoopla - NK has had the capacity to strike Japan for years because of it's proximity. It didn't need ICBMs to hit a target so close - but little is mentioned about that.

Where were the drills years ago?

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And why arent you at work young man?

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I'm no warfare expert, but I think hiding in some shrubbery squatting down with your hands on your head won't be protecting you to well if NK were to launch a missile.

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I think these missile drills only increase peoples fear, and anxiety, and will convince some people about Abe's political agenda. without any real evidence that north korea has any intention of actually attacking japan.

After Japan wasn't even involved in the Korean War.

Japan has no intention of invading North Korea and North Korea has no intention of Invading Japan or even attacking japan, as there would be no military benefit to attacking Japan. All previous events have happened on the Korean peninsula, and if North Korea was to launch any attack, which wouldn't benefit anyone, then it would be towards South Korea. North korea could have attacked Japan any time previously, ICBMs don't change that.

I do see this as Japan ramping up peoples fear and anxiety in preparation for him wanting to change the constitution , when there is probably a higher chance of china taking the senkaku islands than North Korea attacking Japan.

My fear is if Japan actually changed the constitution and Japan then tried to reintroduce national service, due to the falling population.

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It seems that N korean missles alert and drills would lead to Abe's new constitution. Abe wants to revise the article 9 soon.

6 ( +6 / -0 )

I guess he could not find anything else to complain about on this day. Got forbid get a job or do something constructive

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He may be a Freeter but he is right on this one.  missile drill is ridiculous.

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Ah so:

Do you understand the meaning of the word 'fearmongering'?

I'm surprised Dear Leader hasn't ordered Japanese civilians to try living in underground shelters during the weekend as practice.

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First Trump got into war of words with rocketman seemingly escalating the situation and resulting in sale of billions of dollars of weapons to Japan and South Korea. Astute businessman he is.

Now, Abe would justify his action making those big purchase to citizens by by the drills.

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It is time Yanks stopped meddling in Far Eastern politics and took the next boat home. It is loooooong overdue.

This Trump house manufactured hysteria is just adding fuel to the already strained timeline.

Grin-go-home!!! Viva Zapata

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

US did not start this and this has been an issue since the stop of the war. The last several decades the pass the buck mentality has been the norm. Nobody wants to put their foot down to say knock it off when it comes NOK. President Trump comes into office and now everyone blames him for all that has happened over the years. ...

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"It is time Yanks stopped meddling in Far Eastern politics and took the next boat home. It is loooooong overdue."--- some gringo

Sorry, commie, deal with the reality that democracies like the USA, however problamatic, like democracies in Asia, however problematic, will always rise above and against the scum of your troll-centric dictatorships like the CCP, NK, Russia, et hoc genus omne...

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Don’t see what’s to be gained from protesting a drill. I suspect there’s some feel good factor from taking positive action, however futile.

Theres pretty good statistical evidence to suggest that people who make some preparations, even just practicing an escape route in the imagination, have a greater chance of surviving a calamity.

As daft as these drills often seem, there is some value to them.

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The problem with these drills is that they are not about making serious preparation for war (if they were, all Japanese cities would've built proper mass evacuation bunkers for urban populations long ago, like they have in Russia, Switzerland, etc.), it's that they are only about "normalizing" the desire of the US and Japan to launch a preemptive strike on NK and retain a fig leaf of legitimacy.

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