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Lovely image. Among the capitalist oligarchs reaping the benefits of a system where all is stacked in their favor, Bach, the IOC and LDP cronies have a very nice scam worked out here.

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There were anti-Olympic demonstrations all over the world yesterday as it was No-Olympics Day!


Cancel the Olympics!

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Most of the anger is directed at foreigners, I've noticed.

The protesters seem to forgot that about 10 years ago, Japan's bid committee was really aggressive, highly energized, and even desperate to win the bid. They even lied about the costs and the summer heat problem to the selection committee. But let's no criticize them, right? No, it's the foreigners' fault.

Also, Japan's corporates are willing to pour more money into this turkey than any of their counterparts before them in history, by far, and despite the alarming risk, with all but one raising any concerns that most of the public have.

It's your baby, Japan. You deal with it.

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IOC will lose a lot of money if the Olympics is cancelled. Olympics is the biggest business for IOC. It seems to me IOC doesn't want such cancellation whatever happens even amid pandemic.

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TOKKO 2021..


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By this point nothing short of complete disaster out of all proportions will stop the games, the main people affected by the event do not consider their health and economic recovery important enough to express their opposition in stronger terms.

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TOKKO 2021..


IOC is quite exclusive about the use of their trademark, so perhaps he was not interested in having to give them money. Or not :


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Baron Von Ripper-Off.........

Sorry, that is laugh out loud, Ironic.

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All athletes and media should be quarantined for 2 weeks as other countries have, Look at the team that just arrived 2 of them tested positive and how many more are infected?

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Google translate: A type of Buddhist equipment used in esoteric Buddhism. A short metal rod with sharp ends. It means to hold it in your hand and crush the worldly desires. "Take it" (use it as an excuse because the other person will listen to it as long as you take it out)

Whatever, it is with high probability not a typo on that poster. lol

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a little late there buddy.

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So the whole affair of „games“ is a EU invention and JP better stick to stringiness

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itsonlyrocknrollJune 24  12:58 pm JST

Baron Von Ripper-Off.........

Sorry, that is laugh out loud, Ironic.

When I was a little kid there were ads on the radio and TV for the Muffler King auto shop. Their 'rival' was a character named Baron Von Rip'em'Off. His idea of a 'muffler' for instance was to wrap a hot dog in tin foil 'and nobody would know the difference', hence the 'rip them off' moniker.

Radio and TV ads used to be so much fun, and funny. Not anymore.

Baron Von Ripper-Off. Baron Von Rip'em'Off. I like this. LOL.

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