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Please give people closure, they haven't found anything for years. Let these people rest in peace and stop spreading false hope.

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I think closure is what they are trying to provide. Sure, the chances of them finding all or even most of the missing is almost non-existent, but if they find the remains of even one person - if they bring just a little more closure to even one grieving family - then I think that makes it worthwhile.

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Very much a bridge to no where.

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Please stop wasting tax payers money on pointless searches.

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On TV yesterday there was a feature on a couple who finally got back there daughter after 8 years and 7 months. Their joy upon being handed the white cloth wrapped ash urn blew me away.

8 years and 7 months after she was washed away from a driving school, a leg bone washed up.

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Says a lot about people who would take this emotional picture and situation and make insulting comments about it. The actions of these heroic searchers are to bring closure to those who have lost loved ones; there is absolutely no time limit on this.

Seriously, have some people no sense of shame or decency on this website?

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Oldman_13 I agree with all you say. It is important to the vast majority that they know their loved ones are not lying among the rubbish washed up when the tragedy happened. If there are remains among the vast amount of rubbish washed up then it is important to retrieve them, so they can be laid to rest in peace.

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Those missing will be only bones broken up by the force of the waves. How can they be identified?

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DNA can tell you a lot about a person. They can use DNA markers to narrow down the identity and then testing can be done to prove for certain.

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DNA can tell you a lot about a person. They can use DNA markers to narrow down the identity and then testing can be done to prove for certain.

But a family member would have to submit their DNA to find out the identity. Just having a leg bone and finding the DNA from that isn't going to identify.

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People want their loved ones back. Any small amount of evidence is worthy to the families of the missing

Even America is still searching for the remains of their soldiers from the Vietnam war era.

Thank you for your efforts of your search.

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First World War soldiers are still being found and identified in the battle fields of Northern France and Belgium.

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