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Demonstrators parade past the headquarters of Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) during an anti-nuclear power protest in Tokyo on Sunday.

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Police leading the force !

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Not even a dent!

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Those cops with bear bellies need to lead more parades.

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I wonder how big the demonstration was. It looks like the police made up about half the crowd.

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The bloke in front is thinking "Respect My Authoritah"

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And yet the government will restart reactors to line their own pockets. And when these people vote? they'll put the same people in power... if they vote at all. Nothing is going to change in this country.... nothing at all.

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There actually IS a safe nuclear alternative and it's Thorium. please do google Ted talks, Kirk Sorensen NASA nuclear physicist and nuclear plant designer.

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Isnt that Wilford Brimley in front? What is he doing in Japan?

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There actually IS a safe nuclear alternative and it's Thorium. please do google Ted talks, Kirk Sorensen NASA nuclear >physicist and nuclear plant designer.

I will readily agree that my knowledge in the area is limmited. But assuming that you are talking about a molten salt or fast sodium cooled reactor with a Thorium fuel cycle. I think it is to early to say it is "safe" a bit premature. These designs comes with their own set of safety problems, not specifically related to the Thorium cyle. I would have no problem with calling it "safer" than todays technology.

I also think that there might be a proliferation problem with Thorium fuel cycle, so you would probably not want it in the hands of the "badies"

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@SquidBert: We both have limited knowledge but the more reading I do on LFTRs the more interesting the alternative. Uranium was chosen by the US military because plutonium could be extracted, the more convinced I am that Thorium and LFTRs present the real alternative. Presently, the Chinese and Indian governments are quietly pressing ahead to build the first commercial LFTRs within a few short years. Obama talks about 'sputnik moments' then why aren't the governments working on this? No doubt they'll sell the technology back to the US and no, I and many others would have to insist given the current research presented, that they are in fact safe. Better still, can utilize spent fuel from uranium nuclear reactors buried in the ground. WIth no danger from plutonium there are no concerns re. terrorists either.

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Yet were these people in the same number to march on yasukuni shrine they would be beaten and arrested by the same police. As happened before. This is a soft protest, indeed a release outlet sanctioned obviously by the government. It will achieve zilch. Shiny happy people holding hands. Awesome.

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If only these darned hippies could repay TEPCO's debt and build some houses with their good intentions and naive-ness.

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himehentai; Don't see any hippies, just people conducting their business in a lawfull manner.Is there really a need for name calling?

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And yet the government will restart reactors to line their own pockets.

Hey it's not all bad. There'll be no more blackouts and I can complain 24 hours a day without understanding the bigger picture of the government's energy policy and Japan's lack of natural resources.

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Lessons were learned. Restart the damn reactors. And personally, I do not use air con. My guys like me sweaty.

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Good for you, legs =)

Can't say the same about me though... =( Mr. BlueWitch likes having our room as cold as a fridge... It's the only way he will..ahem..."enter the dragon" ..LOL On top of that, having the oven working 24-7 doesn't help either...can't wait to deliver already!! I definitely miss Spring/Autumn~ ^_^


**@Ivan CoughanoffalotJun. 26, 2011 - 06:18PM JST

The bloke in front is thinking "Respect My Authoritah"**

LOL He reminds me of the J-version of FAT Cartman... (Fudge it!)

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Don't listen to those hippies, go geothermal/tidal power as the only valid alternatives

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Oh please, do not call them hippies. Show some respect to these forward thinkers who are for changes, please.

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I wonder if these forward thinkers (cough) can come back to the present and reality for just one second and consider why it is that Japan has and will continue to use nuclear energy to meet some of its power needs.

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Japan has so many wonderful things about her. Protesting for change is just one of them.

This should be celebrated. Not for the specific message, but because it is possible in most republics without being molested by the local army, police or dictators.

Would people be allowed to do a similar protest in Iran or N. Korea or China in front of the state power company headquarters?

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i thought the obesity rate in Japan was way lower than the USA.... that looks like an American cop in front.

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