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No Olympics


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They are speaking truth to power. Sad that this pic will probably be the only attention they get.

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A little too late for that i say. Considering how much money has been pump into it already. And not to forgot how many companies had pour their investment into this and how many small business owners are relying on tourists to survive. Cancel it now and you will see just how fast the suicide numbers are gonna go up. You will see the stocks start falling pretty quick and how bad the economy is gonna get once this whole thing stop.

My friend works in the taxi service and he is hoping the upcoming olympics will at least help get the company from going under after covid had hit the tourist industry hard, A lot of people rely on this event to recover.

People don't understand that to hold such a event require a lot of people with certain skills to operate and without it, many would not get paid or has no work at the moment. Same with materials being bought or sold to create such a event has to come somewhere and that create works. Supplies and demand. The money they pour in has to go somewhere. Even the food, clothes the athlete use has to come from somewhere which was bought with cash.

People don't understand how economy works in a nation. If you don't spend the cash, the nation will eventually goes under. The cash has to keep moving and you have to pour money into it to keep the machine working. No demand is no supplies and therefore no income. Then companies start producing less meaning they start cutting cost and letting loose workers.

Anything that get build or provide a service require a workforce and that is supply by companies. You stop demand and you see just how bad the poor is gonna have it.

Japan can't stop it now. Not while things are already been in motion for years. Stopping it now means literally destroying the economy with their own hands. They must be on drugs to stop it now. Is literally a suicide if they pick that choice.

-5 ( +7 / -12 )

Stopping it now would be a lot better than stopping it next year.

Thinking of the economy, thinking of the money companies had invested Japan did not want to cancel the Olympics. It was first Canada and then other countries that actually made the decision for Japan by pulling out. It was only after enough countries had pulled out that Japan and the IOC decided to cancel.

It was only after it had become obvious that there would be no Olympics that Japan spoke up, and it will be the same again next year.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

They are speaking truth to power. Sad that this pic will probably be the only attention they get.

of course. they are not operating in a democracy

8 ( +12 / -4 )

Tourism related companies had fired many employees. Reviving business is positive due to Olympic but i doubt business will be back to normal.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

No problem. NBC will pay one billion dollars for the broadcast rights. Which only leaves 14 billion of debt to offset. The original estimate was 7.3 billion - the cost has doubled. The notion, The Olympics will somehow benefit the economy was the initial intent of scoundrels like Suga and certainly Abe. The actuality, profits were to fatten the coffers of specific entities at public cost. It was a fools errand from the beginning. That embraced all manner of corruption.

The Big Plan, by politicians, not economists, was The Olympics would lift Japan out of its stagnant economic doldrums. A weird fantasy it would be an apex of industrial tourism, bringing hordes from mainland Asia who would be so enamored of Japan it would not just boost the economy temporarily, but create a steady flow of tourists forever and ever. Not a sustainable notion.

The pandemic crushed that nonsense into dust.

15 billion. Divided by 127 million. Equals 118.1. So, it costs every individual in Japan approximately 120 dollars.

To hold the Olympics with an incredible number of foreigners entering in a brief period: the impact on the health and welfare of the nation would be devastating. As is, the pandemic has had immeasurable consequences in destroying independent businesses and the attendant culture. The preparation and intended exploitation of the expected numbers of tourists projected, resulted in large corporations investing in infrastructure and displacing local businesses in places like Nara. Large Hotel chains knocked down public and private buildings to construct their monstrosities. Corporate franchises pushed out smaller locally owned restaurants. This all based on creating industrial tourism around the much vaunted Olympiad.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Well, at least a few people are sane. The insanity of it all completely boggles my mind... The government's left had is giving out money to Go To Travel campaign through GW 2021, and it's right hand is continuing throwing money away on a mirage in the COVID-19 filled desert. Ban Bach and Coates from ever being able to land in Japan again.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Wish I heard about this. I would travel to Tokyo if I knew.

2024 Tokyo Olympics...YES!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Hiro — people don’t understand — but you do !

you are my hero !

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I still wonder if the Tokyo Olympics really can be held under such worse circumstance. Tokyo might be the biggest epicenter of pandemic over summer.

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The Olympics is about nothing but corporation profits. The past 3 Olympic host lost money. Look at the venue from Russia, Brazil and even China, they are abandoned. Money gone to waste that pushed poor people to the curb. In Los Angeles when they hosted the Olympics they dressed up the homeless in mew tuxedos gave them hair cuts and took the homeless away from the venues. The Olympic is about making money and people poorer.

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yet it is a little late to protest now

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Japan did not want to postpone the Olympics, thinking of the economy, thinking of the capital corporations had spent. It was first Canada and then other nations who by dropping back, finally made the decision for Japan. Japan and the IOC agreed to cancel just after enough countries had pulled out. . It was just after it became clear that there would be no Olympics that Japan spoke up.

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For safety reasons, there should be no Olympics.

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The pandemic is going to dictate whether the Olympics will be held next year. Plain and simple.

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The pandemic is going to dictate whether the Olympics will be held next year. Plain and simple.

Because the real world is plain and simple right?

How well humanity is able to respond to the pandemic will dictate whether the Olympics will be held next year. Not plain, not simple. Lots of nuance.

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