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Fans of singer Paul McCartney stand outside the National Stadium in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon after the cancellation of McCartney's concert. McCartney also had to cancel his Saturday night concert, as well as the Monday night replacement concert due to a virus, according to organizers. His concerts in Tokyo on Wednesday and in Osaka next Saturday are expected to go ahead as scheduled. See story here.

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It is a real disappointment!

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Time to retire I think....

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Wow both days thats a big issue

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One reason older artists still draw in the crowds is the "This might be the chance" factor. I saw Dylan last month and the guy is getting seriously old/frail now. The Stones, Macca and Dylan are all in their 70s now. It's amazing they can still do these tours.

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Time to retire I think....

Contrary to what many may think, 'young' people get virii too and they even have to cancel events or stay home from work because of them.

It is ironic that the older modern medicine allows people to get the more people comment about older people being too old to do things.

Personally, I think it is wonderful that Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and others continue to do what they love and entertain millions in the process.

Get well soon, Paul!

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Too bad, I wish him all the best. I know he was looking forward to playing in Japan. Hope he has a speedy recovery and reschedules.

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I saw Paul McCartney at the Tokyo Dome a few years back and he was great. But at the 2012 Olympics his singing voice had really deteriorated. Although with audio technology being what it is these days I'm sure he will come over OK.

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It's a shame he had to cancel, but the guy is doing amazing for his age. I hope he recovers, and if he wishes to keep singing and doing concerts, all the power to him, but I wonder if he might be better off limiting tours.

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Considering the bad music and fake talent with designed and marketing-tailored celebrities of today who cannot sing but need tons of auto-tuning I think I would prefer a 70 year old rock ojisan anytime over current stars.

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Is that girl holding an Elvis doll?

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Is that girl holding an Elvis doll?

I think that is supposed to be Paul McCartney. It matches what I believe are the caricatures of the Beatles which are on the two girls's dresses.

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Is that girl holding an Elvis doll?

Why would someone at a Beatles-related concert have an Elvis doll? It's Paul McCartney. Notice the bare foot, as in the Abbey Road album cover. The girl's dresses & the doll have the image of the Beatles from the Sgt Peppers LP cover. They've really done a great job, hope they got to see Mr McCartney in concert.

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