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No radioactive water


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I wonder how they'll lose their minds if they know that tritium is produced naturally in noticeable quantities in their bodies as well. These people and anti-vaxers are the worst bunch of people in 21st century so far. Both belong to the same category :- rejecting science for political gain.

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Is south korea again. Ain't surprise.

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Great to know that there are people who offer opinions that create a sense of ridiculous amusement while Japan will be dumping nukified water into the worlds oceans that is full of wild life that is eaten on a daily basis - is the only idea that Japan has brilliantly come up with after 10 long years of meetings and mulling for new solutions that is 100% a Japanese to this situation. Dump the waste into the worlds oceans. They seem to care about the environment the same as the way I care about which socks I will wear today.

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So what solution do you propose, Machida?

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Dumping radioactive wastewater into the ocean. In a marine area that is laden with fish that are a staple of the diet. As is well documented: radioactive 'elements' move-up the food chain the levels of concentration increases exponentially.

One supposes that the wastewater is not potable - hence dumping in the ocean is more than a form of pollution. It is dangerous and will adversely impact the health of all and any who ingest fish and other bounty harvested from the ocean.

Radioactive water. One would not drink it. But, it is okay to dump it in the ocean where it infiltrates the foodchain? Negative.

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It’s not radioactive water. There is no such thing. It’s water with some radioactive elements. That’s high school level.

Tritium has no toxic chemical effects. There is no data to catalog the effect of the decaying beta particles on humans. The theoretical impact on humans over a lifetime is substantially less than say, naturally occurring radon gas and ingestion of so many other pollutants.

The water will be diluted to 1/7th of the concentration set as the world guideline. If you drank 2 liters of it per day for 365 days, the total would be 0.1 mSv. Background radiation is more than 10 times that in most areas. You get 3 times as much from cosmic radiation.

We need to start complaining more about the sun…

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It IS Radioactive Water. You call Radioactive water to the water high in Radioactivity. That's how I read it.

There are some countries that have the tech to filter out the tritium. Why don't they use it?

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No. You’re “reading” it wrong. And only tiny amounts of tritium have ever been removed from water.

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A quick search of Tritium Removal Facilities would show you that some of them can remove effectively 100% of Tritium.

Some others are low cost and less effective.

Wonder if people of TEPCO knows how to use Google

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There are some countries that have the tech to filter out the tritium. Why don't they use it?

Tech might be there but NOBODY uses it simply because there's no need to.

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Obviously they should use the tech. Japan's international relations are in the line.

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What are other countries going to do? I don’t think there will be any tangible effect on “international relations.”

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Int relations only with China and South Korea who release unfiltered Tritium water as much as the water stored in Fukushima every month. Japan already spent 400 billion dollars on Fukushima(at the expense of recovery of various industries from the 311) and we can't afford further spending. Further spending on this can be funded only by cutting spending on social welfare programs, Infra, Defense spending, etc and this is what Both china and south Korea want. we keep spending 100's of billions of fukushima while they keep spending on industries etc and eat Japan's lunch. The biggest failure of Japanese govt till date is giving in to international pressure in issues related to Fukushima. Had the money gone into Japanese companies like Hitachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi electric, Mitsubishi chemical etc who suffered 10's of billions of dollars of losses due to the disaster to cover them up instead of forcing them into restructuring for the next entire decade, sell assets to Chinese and Korean companies and lose their lead in many industries.

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My team spent almost 6 years now in Fukushima. There are nuclear scientists on the site from all universities over the world. All of them agree that even if Japanese government releases the entire water in a month, there won't be any affect in the surroundings. Still, thanks to those scumbags at green peace east asia (CCP mouth piece), Chinese and South Korean govts and their massive success in spreading fear and misinformation, the Japanese govt will spend another 40 years to just dilute it even more and then release it drop by drop( which is definitely gonna cost a lot of money) and still you'll got problems.

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Well, long story short, we're one of the teams who're helping in the progress of removal of the molten fuel deposits.

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team of the organization/company I work for. won't give any estimates other than the ones given by the govt but it's proceedings at a much slower pace than expected and also the pandemic has made it very difficult for us to work with our partners abroad. Well, about corium, lol, we gonna keep redrawing road maps over and over and over atleast for the next 5 years.

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I fail to understand why is this all paid with public money.

TEPCO had not been punished for all this mess. And we all know they are responsible.

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I have never downplayed the severity of the culpability of TEPCO in not upgrading the reactors, not fully considering the placement of cooling water pumping electrical systems to higher ground just behind the containment buildings, poorly designed backup systems and particularly not considering the previous quake and tsunami impact in the same area in the mid 1800’s.

I do think it is criminal.

I designed electrical substations and pump motor starter systems with earthquake and radiation sensors for nuclear power stations in the 1980’s. My dual major was in nuclear engineering. I’m capable of researching and understanding the science and technology of this. Hell, I lived 90 miles (downwind) from Fukushima.

I still do not see a scientific reason that the water cannot be released as planned. International scientific groups have offered great counsel and have agreed that the plan. The government has sought their input and not relied solely on TEPCO.

I also have not heard a better plan from anyone.

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