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A sign banning selfie sticks is seen at an Osaka train station.

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Good to see.

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The era of self-obsession

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Selfie at a train station?

So much for common sense...

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I've been living in Osaka for about a decade. Honestly selfie sticks are rare and mostly used by tourists when I do see them. Tourists from 2 countries seem to have pretty fancy ones on the ready to whip out.

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Sheriff Bart: "Excuse me while I whip this out."

Crowd: "Ahhhh!"

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You actually need a pretty long selfiestick to touch the electrical wires.

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@Black Sabbath Crowd: "Ahhhh!"

Thanks for sharing your authentic frontier gibberish.

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You actually need a pretty long selfiestick to touch the electrical wires.

I saw a similar sign in Kyoto and thought the same thing; they don't make selfie sticks (that I've ever seen) that could even come close to reaching the contact wire from the platform.

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Selfies are for many a good way to take their own pictures without having to find a tripod or a stranger to help. Selfies withe a remote stick can often be conveninet.

In today's "security" minded environment, "selfies" are an extreme risk for those who do not want to be "known" by others, do not want their pictures taken for what ever reason and for those that must assure the security and safety of others. It is especially so when using an extended device which can "steal" pictures of people and places which may be detrimental to other people or a security risk. The whole matter now reflected by "right to individual PRIVACY".

It is bad enough that any camera on smartphones, tablets and computers can be hacked and misused.

Now that thought has been extended to "selfies" which may be good and OK for those taking a pictures of themselves, but a "risk" for those that may be intentionally or unintentionally were somehow "included" in that picture.

It is indeed a difficult matter. News reporters and other photographers, video takers, movie makers, etc. will now be required to be much more careful.

The "danger" of the extended camera is not only physical.

It is also a matter of "liability". It is the "liability" issue for both the user and those affected by its use.

When rules, regulations, policies and laws become involved... it will indeed become a costly and unnecessarily burdensome issue.

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Now that thought has been extended to "selfies" which may be good and OK for those taking a pictures of themselves, but a "risk" for those that may be intentionally or unintentionally were somehow "included" in that picture.

Public is just that (and your image is already captured hundreds of times as you move about in it).

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The dangers of selfie sticks PSA by Pizza Hut (2:24): <www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fmQs37YqXg>

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People just look so stupid when taking selfies, especially when they're on their own.

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Nice and violent! So, where are the signs prohibiting far more dangerous behavior like being blotto after enkais? Hoe rude it is to smoke despite the no smoking signs and how that affects other customers?

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The "narcisstick" should be band from the planet but its a good start for sure.

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I think these people are more likely to fall on the tracks than get electrocuted, but if the selfie stick gets too close to the power line the current may jump across the gap; it's not necessary for the stick to be in contact with the power line.

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@Scrote: true, a jumping current is possible. But needs at least 450000 Volts flowing through the cables to do some serious jumping. If im not mistaken train cables only supply 25000 volts so you need a close distance for the electricty to start jumping.

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The poster looks so jaunty, everyone dancing round, on the edge of the train platform, the train coming in. 「なんでもいいじゃないか!」だね~

What a lovely warning-ad!

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A few days ago I was out shopping with my daughter and there were 6-7 (I assume) college aged students using a huge selfie stick to take a picture of themselves in front of MoS Burger right in front of our station. Everyone had to walk around them as they tried to walk up the ramp to the entrance. Not dangerous, I guess, but annoying as hell. I support this ban lol...

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The world is full of narcissists taking their selfies and showing them off.

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I'm far too "selfie-conscious" to even imagine owning one... (Guess I'm at no risk...)

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hmm, just bought my first ever selfie stick for an upcoming trip to japan............

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A much as I hate selfie sticks and the people using them.... I think umbrellas at a train station are more dangerous than a selfie stick personally.

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I walk thru central Tokyo on a regular basis, and not once have I been inconvenienced by a selfie.

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I love Black Sabbath's quote up there. We were recently at a popular amusement spot in a crowd of thousands and many of those were groups of people using selfie sticks to memorialize their fun. Ordnarily, I think these things are annoying as all get-out, but I couldn't help but notice in these cases how useful they were. Everyone gets in the photo and you don't have to ask someone to snap it for you. These people were also using them relatively unobtrusively in that they didn't have them out to fullest extension. So I do think they have their place and I've lightened up on my disdain for them. But having written all that, the train platform isn't my pick for ideal place for a group photo op. I guess if you're a tourist and you're trying to show those in between places it's one thing, but why not wait until you're in front of Himeji or on top of Mt. Fuji instead?

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But some selfies "gone wrong" are actually pretty funny though-

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