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No texting please


A manner poster at a Toei subway station in Tokyo asks people not to text while walking.

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Very few saw the sign, they were texting!!

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The gov’t should’ve sent a text message. ;)

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Another poster that everyone will just ignore.

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How about a sign for all the housewives or old people who walk interminably slow

Many older people tend to walk slowly. It’s called ageing.

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Walking is really that much of an issue? 

People knocking people onto train tracks or falling onto tracks themselves, causing accidents by stepping into the street without looking, knocking over little old ladies and breaking their hips, etc.

It seems like a fairly minor thing, but it's everywhere and it's usually not just people shuffling along. You get people walking full pace not looking where they're going. Very dangerous.

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Also, no texting while riding bike, please. It scares the life out of me when I see bikers looking down on their smartphones with only one hand on the steering handle.

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Finally! Love it!

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Sorry, but I look at the ground to avoid stepping on things. Number one lately has been face masks. They are discarded everywhere and number two is doggy doodoo. I will try to be more aware of humans walking with their phone so I do not disturb them while texting to to friends...because that is soooo important.

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Kinda hard to see the poster if the idiot staring at their phone is staring at their phone. The only thing that works is to walk into them and give as extra push into them.

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Amazing how people still need to be told this.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

15 years too late...

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This has been a standard rule in Toyota plants for a long time.

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If I see one of these zombies heading for me, I just brace and they bounce. Some still have the audacity to complain.

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What I find more annoying is people who are looking at the ground while walking, and you have to move out of their way.

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Pukey2, that seems to be a weird form of assertiveness here, with the bonus that one is not responsible for what one "can't" see.

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Walking is really that much of an issue? We can't get people to stop texting while driving even with laws against it being enforced.

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King Minus:

Pukey2, that seems to be a weird form of assertiveness here, with the bonus that one is not responsible for what one "can't" see.

I just wondering, what is so interesting about the ground?

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I miss all of the "do it at home" posters.....those were so on point!

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Asians have a terrible sense of spatial awareness, generally speaking.

I've witness and experienced so many times I can't keep count - people walking with eyes glues to the ground, eyes glued to their phone, eyes engulfed in a book, 2-3-4-5 friends walking shoulder to shoulder on sidewalk refusing to move, riding bicycles 2-3 in a row on sidewalk, riding bicycles while staring at phone, person walking in front of someone and abruptly halt in place to tie their shoe, walking/riding bike and try to squeeze between you and a stationary object rather than slow down and go around you, and my personal favorite...two people saying goodbye or whatever, and one starts walking in whatever direction while eyes still glued on the person they are saying goodbye too.

I guess they believe it's everyone else's responsibility to move out of the way. I used to attempt that in the beginning of my time here. But after the first few dozens times, I gave up. I'd much prefer to hold my ground, staying in my own pathway, and if they happen to get hit into, so be it. Maybe after these people start suffering enough broken phone screens, sore shoulders, etc - they'll get the point.

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Non-texters have the right of way. So says my 260 pounds of shaggy gaikokujin avoirdupois.

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How about a sign for all the housewives or old people who walk interminably slow or stand in groups at the top or bottom of escalators, staircases, or right in the middle of a busy thoroughfare.

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