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They say no now. Watch them all change their minds once Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong shoot a few powerful munitions their way. Am I right?

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Troublemakers. They all need a better hobby

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So what exactly is their problem?

Taking it out on the aircraft when actually they want to make a political statement?

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This aircraft can respond quickly and support any of Japan's natural disasters and can land anywhere. Can be in Kyushu from Chiba quickly. JSDF does more to support natural disasters than anything else!

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Don't we have enough noise in Japan already?

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Even though the deployment of these aircrafts is significant development for strengthening Japan's national security, I presume that noise pollution and unavoidable interactions between the US troops and local people are two of major issues for this protest. If it is the case, it seems that the consent of the local people has not been granted.

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The osprey has an incident per 100,000 flight hours rate of 1.93 incidents.

The average for all US military aircraft, rotary wing included, is 2.45.

Korean Air is at 2.58 and China Airlines at 7.16.

Why don’t these protestors go to Haneda or Narita and protest there.

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what % of those people in that pic have a job or make positive contributions to society? Just curious...

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tired of social distancing?  just join a protest !

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I don't understand the phobia some have regarding the V-22. I guess because it is so different. It's not terribly loud. I can think of lots of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft that are louder. It doesn't carry nuclear weapons or some such thing. It's pretty much unarmed, The big rotors interfere with anything you might want to shoot from it. Just another cargo and troop hauler but with unique capabilities. What's the big deal?

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I fear. very soon, we are all going to depend on supporting each other militarily, thanks to a certain aggressive nation in our midst...

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The way the Camp Kisarazu Airfield is located jutting out into the water and the ability of the V-22 Osprey to land vertically like a helicopter means V-22 approach and departure paths could be completely over water, so there would be no danger to the adjacent city. The the possible exception woould be instrument approaches in bad weather. Even then an instrument approach could be designed to allow circling over water to the short runway used by helicopters. In any event the stationing is only for five years until a permanent base can be built for them. it seems like this is more a case of inchoate fear than logic.

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Yeah, yeah, all of the above except that I think the people of Okinawa are tired of military aircraft everywhere, even JSDF aircraft. The V-22 has a lousy safety record and is nicknamed "The Flying Shame." It's been a financial boondogle and a plane without a mission.

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Peter, while I agree with your comment, just remember that this protest is in Chiba, not Okinawa

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