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You will always see these local gov workers in shinjuku holding these signs, and announcing with bull horns, and interestingly next to them are the touts, and aggressive izakaya boys going on with their business as normal.

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It seems most people follow the sign, but not all. It may be a part of social manners to avoid troubles.

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Lol. Had a very different meaning, that word, in my country.

But yeah, it doesn't bother me, much. I don't mind someone quietly handing out fliers. I'll often take one.

Just tend to ignore the more enthusiastic vendors. 9 times out of 10, the venue those folk tout for tend to be rubbish, over-priced and bereft of atmosphere.

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The sign is appealing to the public not to use illegal touts. (It is not addressed to the tours per se.)

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