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Nosing in


Passengers wait for the E5 series, high-speed Yamabiko service shinkansen that travels between Tokyo and Morioka to arrive at Furukawa station in Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture.

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Been there, done that! It was a Hayabusa, actually..... The nice stationamster at Furukawa even gave me the times of all the trains that wouldn't stop so I can film them at high speed. It is a relatively slow station, so he was more than happy to help!

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It was a Hayabusa, actually...

No, the service was a Yamabiko, the train itself is a series E5 Hayabusa.

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No, the service was a Yamabiko, the train itself is a series E5 Hayabusa.

I beg to differ.... Since you weren't with me in May 2014, you can't tell me I didn't ride a Hayabusa service E5 Shinkansen from Furukawa to Sendai. And the Hayabusa is one of the services, along with the Yamabiko, Hayate and Nasuno that use the E5. The E5 isn't named anything other than E5.... As far as the photo, yes, it's a Yamabiko service, but the one I took at Furukawa was a Hayabusa....

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All that bug splatter on the nose really takes away from an otherwise great pic.

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The bullet train has now arrived at the station with nose in the air. But the station is somewhat out of keeping with the high-speed bullet train, Hayabusa.

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Should be called kamo...

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Just call him Yoshi! First thing i thought :D

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what a monumental achievement! I wish we had such a train over here in the States. When I visit Japan, the trains will be given a special ride!

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High speed trains are awesome, at least when you can afford a ticket.

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I just wish they would make the bullet trains cheaper so more people could travel to different places more easily accross the country. The price makes it prohibively expensive.

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Seen one, seen them all, unless there's a spectacular background. A station shot isn't really all that much.

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