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@ Peeping_Tom

It was already pointed out that the protester’s sign is dated 17 October. This was the date civil protests started in Lebanon brought by planned taxes on gasoline, tobacco and internet phone calls. On 17 October this had nothing to due with Ghosn skipping bail and flying to Lebanon.

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"What's with the Netflix reference?"

It's a reference to Ghosn's "escape", reminding him this is more serious than a bad Netflix movie.

Japan will tighten the screws on foreigners after this and I won't be blaming them.

If it was here in the UK, the SRA would strip that Solicitor of his licence.

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What's with the Netflix reference?

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If I made a placard saying "Welcome to the UK, President Trump. The country where a jingoistic floppy-haired bigot reigns as prime minister", that would be a protest against Boris Johnson, not Trump.

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Talk about a misinformed protester.

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Lot of bored photographers outside Ghosn’s now residence.

“Gotta send something back to the editor.”

“This guy will do. Let the office spice up the photo with an interpretive title.”

Job done!
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It is kinda confusing, but apparently October 17 is the date when protests started in Lebanon.


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The sign is dated October 2019

It says "Welcome to Lebanon Mr. Ghosn". (Uses "Mr.")

How can this clearly mean that this guy is protesting Mr. Ghosn? Kinda confusing.

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One person!

Is this news?

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