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To be fair some of them could be out getting essential items like food, water, etc. But then again I'm sure there are plenty of delivery services available in Tokyo. Also they do seem to be walking pretty close together, that doesn't look like enough separation for an effective "social distancing" campaign.

The kind of civil disobedience that the caption suggests seems very uncharacteristic for a nation like Japan with an ordinarily strong sense of communal respect.

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The streets of New York, Rome, Paris, London are all deserted with the people taking heed of the pandemic.

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The photo --Darwinism at work.

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They could be going home from work or to work?? Or getting the bare necessities?? Just please be safe everyone.... take care

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In the apartment (a tiny studio) next to mine, staying home and distancing meant a party of multiple people crammed in cranking up the music, drinking, laughing, singing and shrieking for several hours as the alcohol consumed increased the volume. It seems they brought their ohanami inside.

Ironic. So much for blaming foreigners for the behaviour disrespectful of others. Reluctant landlords take note.

The kind of civil disobedience that the caption suggests seems very uncharacteristic for a nation like Japan with an ordinarily strong sense of communal respect.

Not anymore, I guess.

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As foolish as it is for so many people to be out, it still wasn’t an order for them to be staying home. Soft recommendations are next to useless. Government needs to be forcing it.

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Just wait until the numbers go up. If you need essentials, it’s best to go as early as possible when the stores open up or just before they close and avoid these crowds.

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Certainly, they are all delivery people or out getting supplies for their elderly neighbors.


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Seeing as they'll all be back in circulation come Monday, what's the point? Feeble measures. By the time they do a lockdown it will just get passed around indoors.

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Dumb...really dumb

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It’s the legislation in Japan not ready to enforce lockdown or partial ones. If everyone brings it to court it’s a ¥100,000,000 loss per person for the government.

Not sure if they can create the required legislation in time now...

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So much for the people who like to claim that the Japanese always do what they are told.

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Hello Kitty 321Today 11:13 am JST

So much for the people who like to claim that the Japanese always do what they are told.

Who are they, these people who claim that all Japanese do as they are told all the time? Could you point them out? Thank you.

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I was one of the people saying Japan was doing good about social distancing, the numbers were down on the train and so on and it was truly that way.  However, when the cherry blossoms bloomed it appeared the Japanese peoples' minds exploded with the blossoms.  I was truly shocked, and became extremely worried and was glad months ago prepared for this situation.

The biggest blessing, today, is Snow.  I do not like snow, however, today I will take it abundance to have the cherry blossoms gone, keep people at home and pray for sanity to return once more.

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This is so very asinine! Has this community/country reverted to total isolationism, do none of you know what's going on in the rest of the world??! The local/national govt certainly seems preoccupied with other agendas, but the general populace, you people, are no better and even worse have blinders on! Do you really need to be told and ordered to do something for yourselves?? I'd like to suggest stop being so arrogant and ignorant!

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One thing they should stop is the delivery of handbills and advertising. I watched a woman sneezing and coughing on her hands and then took hand bills from her scooter and put them in mail boxes at the apartment across the street

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Lucky Day

So what about the post man? We wipe the box everyday and the garden gate handle too.

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If everything is lockdown then from where they are coming , may be after drinking or after work. Fyi After drinking immunity gets down.

Arround the world Japanese has the image to follow the rules, look at shibuya crossing , it doesn't suits you.

Even some times I'm watching live camera of shibuya scramble, people are there in big numbers all the time.

Because of Coronavirus 2020 Olympic postponed, billions loss already , so you people are waiting for more loss of japan. As you leading the Asian continent please Stop to go out for humanity.

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I was truly shocked

You're fresh off the boat, aren't you?

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