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Obama arrives in Japan


U.S. President Barack Obama is welcomed by U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy upon his arrival at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on Wednesday night. Obama is in Japan until Friday morning.

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The Japanese media keep reporting that Obama is staying for three days, but his stay is actually only 40 hours, I read. I heard he isn't staying at the Akasaka State Guest House but at a hotel. I wonder which one.

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They made a big deal about him arriving at Narita, and some guessed it would be Yokota AB. That's why he arrived at Haneda, cuz nobody was expecting it. All a part of foiling any potential threat.

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Welcome to Japan, President Obama!

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what are you talking about.. everyone knew he was coming into Haneda..

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Mrs. and Mr. Ambassador at work...and on the way to Jiro's!

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it is time Pres Obama make bold words to Asia before finishing his term in office, God bless his visit.

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...and heads straight for Roppongi?

Seriously, I hope he accomplishes something useful. With more activity around the NK nuke test site it's time for the US to take a firm stand on Asia regional issues.

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Abe will play Obama like a fiddle, if Obama's advisors don't wise up.

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Warm & Wonderful Scene, Welcome Mr. President Obama !

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