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Occupy protests


Protesters holding anti-nuclear banners listen to another group of protesters shouting slogans near an area where a citizens' group has set up tents to protest against the use of nuclear power on the premises of the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry in Tokyo, on Friday night. The ministry has ordered the protesters who have occupied the area for 139 days to remove their tents.

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Sure looks like the Japanese government is falling apart. I`m so glad that the Japanese people in Japan are finally starting to speak out and hold protests giving the Japanese government a pice of your mind. I hope that these protests will continue all over Japan until the Japanese bureaucrats start to listen to what the people of Japan really want.

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The Japanese haven't had the spirit to protest since the end of the 60s. The government as a result has ignored the wants of the people in many ways.

I hope the 3/11 nuclear disaster and the poor handling of it afterwards becomes a catalyst for more activism.

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All 15 of them...thought they might get a better turn out! I can't really work out what the paragraph underneath means though. Can anyone translate it into English?

A group of protesters are listening to another group of protesters and a citizens group..who, what, where??!!

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I don't think there are enough people at this protest to occupy a phone booth (assuming they still existed).

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This anti camping order is co-ordinated around the world, same orders being given out this week in many other countries.

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Amazing....braving the cold for what they believe in. Absolutely amazing.

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simply in numbers too small to be anywhere representative of the population, following the policeman's instructions, ineffectual. Not good enough!

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With your mind-set, you can never accomplish anything. You gotta start somewhere and they are doing it under the harsh weather. My hat off to them

5 ( +7 / -2 )

amazing how little media attention they get. hey were out there for 139 days?! Sometime it seems that the Japanese media is part of the government media team.

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SheftsJAN. 28, 2012 - 11:56AM JST

amazing how little media attention they get. hey were out there for 139 days?! Sometime it seems that the Japanese media is part of the government media team.

In fact they are. My husband told me that NHK is the Japanese government spokesman. All the other channels just repeat their broadcast. The Japanese media is PART of the government. Unlike other foreign media, the Japanese media must broadcast only what is permitted by the Government.

Scary indeed!

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/I agree with the comment: "the group of protesters occupied a space or van". The photograph shows a few people demonstrating, even so, have gotten a good picture.

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amazing how little media attention they get. hey were out there for 139 days?! Sometime it seems that the Japanese media is part of the government media team.

INDEED!!!, Including jt here I think this is the first time I have seen anything on jt about these people, come on jt we expect better of you then the usual useless j-media

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Could it be? Might one dare to dream of it? An ever so small spark of...gasp...democracy. In a nation that has regular elections but whose history of authoritarian one party rule surpassed that of South Korea and continued on for years to rival North Korea and China until recently. The Japan Times says that "hundreds of people" turned out when called by the the government's threat to drive the away the sit in. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20120127x2.html

"Maekawa told The Japan Times the ministry was not taking any action against the protesters and instead hopes they "will leave voluntarily."

I don't think they want video of cops thrashing grandmothers up on youtube.

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Wait until the sickened Japanese multiply !

Then we will really see some massive protests....on a massive scale.

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I looked up about protests in Japan and Narita had a lot. Why don't they ask for advice? They stopped runways for jumbo jets.

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The Japanese media is PART of the government

Also the Japanese media (except NHK) is part of TEPCO. TEPCO spends 80 billion yen a year on TV commercials and newspaper advertisement. The media protects TEPCO because they need money from TEPCO!!!

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Somebody in Fukushima needs to start an OCCUPY the local Govt. Cause I just read on Fukshima-Diary. com that the Local Govt is distributes leaflet that try to discourage people from leaving Fukushima.

Schools in Fukushima are distributing leaflet to make people stop evacuating for some reason. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/01/fukushima-gov-distributes-leaflet-to-stop-them-evacuate/#comments

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@Utrack Well if the people leave Fukushima there will be no taxes to collect and local government will be out of a job!

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Kawauchi-mura mayor is encouraging people to return.

Authorities in Kawauchi, Fukshima, part of which still stands in the no-go zone plan to call on all evacuated residents to return by the end of March. The municipal government has decided to encourage all residents to return to their homes. Radiation levels in all places there are low, at less than 1 microSV/h. The residents cannot hide their bewilderment over the municipal government's most recent decision.

"I'm not sure whether returning home will help me."

"I want to go back eventually, but as I won't be able to work on my rice paddies for now, I won't have any income."

"I don't believe that the plant has been brought under control. What will happen if another powerful earthquake strikes? This is impossible."

(mainichi 1/25/2012)


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mountainpear!! Blair Herron!! I'm just in shock..These local officials in Fukushima where it is unhealthy to live just need to give up the ghost and figure out another way to get money. Health and human safety comes first and foremost in my book and the people who want to leave, I just hope they do leave and not listen to Govt craziness.

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Hahahah! Trying to act like their part of the international brotherhood of protesters.. what a joke.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

yes! realdoll i hear you! it's really not for real.

it's great that people around the world are joining such a grassroots process and yet at the same time it's such a shame that the japanese people can't muster it...

-6 ( +0 / -6 )

There are a lot more photos and caption on the fukusima-diary.com page. Occupying METI takes heart.

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Kawauchi Futaba District. Isn't that one place the government wants to build a nuke waste storage depot?

Yes. Kawauchi-mura is one of the villages in Futaba District where the government wants to build a nuke waste storage depot. (Fukushima governor Sato refused the request.)

Kawauchi-mura is one of the municipalities that fell within both no-go zone and emergency evacuation preparation zone. (Emergency evacuation preparations zones have been lifted last September.) There are 940 households in former emergency evacuation preparations zone. There are 160 households in no-go zone. According to Kawauchi-mura mayor, those 160 households will be provided temporary houses.

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how about protesting other things like for example to many temp jobs ????

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