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Where in Tokyo? There are many Hakusan jinja, I think.

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Lovely photo. I might write a song about this. It is inspiring. Even non-Buddhists can appreciate this fine snapshot.

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Lovely Japan. This beautiful culture.


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Even non-Buddhists can appreciate this fine snapshot.

The photo is not of a Buddhist temple.

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A shrine is never Buddhist. A temple is never Shinto.

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A shrine is never Buddhist. 

*A Buddhist shrine **provides a focal point for Buddhists when they are meditating, practising puja (worship) and for gatherings of Buddhists studying together.*


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the post is about Japan and your link is in another country. The "shrine" in your linked article isn't a building like in the photo, it's what a Buddhist might have at home. In some countries like Tibet, they have stupas.

The "strine" in your linked article is a table or altar. In Japan people have Butsdans. We have quite a large one in a tokonoma.

Glad to see you are taking an interest.

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Shrine and Temple are English words. In Japanese a shrine is Jinja (神社). The Japanese word for temple is 寺 Tera.

"Shrines are built to serve the Shinto religious tradition and are characterized by a torii gate at the entrance. Temples are built to serve the Buddhist religious tradition and are characterized by a sanmon gate at the entrance."

"Temples (寺, tera) are the places of worship in Japanese Buddhism. Virtually every Japanese municipality has at least one temple, while large cultural centers like Kyoto have hundreds."

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Shrines in Japan are always Shinto.

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