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Sebastian Coe, former two-time Olympic 1,500-meter champion and chairman of the London 2012 Olympic Games, poses with Japanese rhythmic gymnasts Airi Hatakeyama, left, and Yuka Yokota, right, at the end of a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday. Coe is in Tokyo to report that London's preparations are on schedule. Mascots for the London 2012 held by the gymnasts are the Olympics' Wenlock, left, and Paralympics' Mandeville.

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Is the girl on the right a full Japanese?

Does it matter?

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what are the girls doing holding a one eye monster ??!!

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Those dolls look a lot like Muno from the Yo Gabba Gabba television series. I think they are a trademark infringement.

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You are right. Those girls definitely are holding one-eyed monsters.

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Coe looks a little guilty with that look, if he is married the mrs may be having words with him on his return haha

AND thanking those you know whats arent clogging up this photo!

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I hope he goes to every country in the world to report about the progress of Olympic games.

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The one eyed monsters are the London Olympic mascots. Ridiculous - named after 2 places that have Olympic ties. would google them but can't be bothered. I like rythmic gymnastics, although it is more a spectacle than a sport. Coe looks smug - if he is lucky they all went out for a nice meal after this snap was taken.

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The one eyed monsters are called Wenlock and Mandeville. Apparently, they are two drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton. I imagine that we will all be seeing a lot of these guys this summer.

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JapanGalFeb. 29, 2012 - 11:18AM JST

Is the girl on the right a full Japanese?

She may be 100% non Japanese or have a small amount of Japanese. She looks more like Indian or Pakistani or Latin American. It does not matter whether she is Japanese or not. She is representing Japan for the Olympic. If she win the gold medal, Japanese flag will be raised and Japanese national Anthem will be played. It is a proud moment for Japan and Japanese nationals.

She may become like a Michale Jordan or Jeremy Lin who is a legend of US basketball team pride and glory.

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"Lord" Coe has become extremely rich off of the back of these games, he has managed to weave himself a complex structure of companies that hide any sign of "dodgy deals". The London Olympics have desecrated communities in east London to make way for big business and two weeks of semi professional sport. Freinds and family of mine have been violently removed from the houses that they owned in order to build these stadiums, an area of outstanding natural beauty, an ancient meadow was destroyed. While many people in England are loosing their jobs and houses the corrupt leaders are bowing down to the Olympic organisers and letting them take what they want. Absolutely disgusting. I hope these games fail on every single level.

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This photo is ironic. Rhythmic gymnastics is the most corrupt, biased, judge defined sport and is on the brink of being expelled from the Olympics Games because of the non stop scandals, bribes, politics and it is a symbol of what sport should not be! It is much more corrupt than figure skating and synchronized swimming. Its image is of sickly constantly on diet emaciated girls who could be 20 but who look 10, with negative BMI, dancing to ballet music using a ball and ribbons, not a healthy sport for the Olympics. Girls should play in their yard with balls and ribbons. On top of it pervert men are interested in following the sport because the girls look like children in swim suits in different flexed poses the perverts enjoy. Disgusting.

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second from the left in the back row got potential. Put some proper make up on pls. .......................

I beg to differ. Second from the right in the back row has tremendous potential, Girl in front row holding the one eye monster please move aside.

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/He looks sincere and happy Mr. Coe

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Everyone looks so happy!

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Japangal. she must be Japanese as she is representing Japan at the olympics, maybe you are talking about race which is very old thinking, esp for a gal.

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Yuka Yokota is right there, Yokatta !!!

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second from the left in the back row got potential. Put some proper make up on pls.

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Is the girl on the right a full Japanese?

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

Rhythmic gymnasts...oh I say! Find me a saucier job title than that, if you can.

Anyway, isn't all gymnastics rhythmic? You can't just go flailing about, surely?

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