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Olympic Night


Some 3,000 candles, representing the emblem for Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid, are displayed in Tokyo Midtown on Sunday night. The four-day-long Candle Night is meant to represent Tokyoites’ “light of hope” to host the Games in 2020.

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Tokyo has silently won 2020 games, my intuition. so, no need to spend more on PR ad.

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Very happy to see all Tokyoites supporting this endeavour. It'll be a great day when Japan gets the nod to host 2020 Summer Olympics. It will show all the nations around the world that that country can overcome the challenges posed by Mother Nature.


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I would prefer Toklyo doesn't win to avoid the huge spending, waste of money, even more overcrowding for the weeks of the Gamesd and then the post-party hangover of empty facilities and unused venues. They've had it once - let Istanbul have it. As for showing Tokyo can overcome Mother Nature, not sure how. 9 years later? In as totally different location to the Tsunami. Is nuclear fallout "Mother Nature"????

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They've had it once - let Istanbul have it.

Actually they had it twice. Tokyo was the venue for 1940 but no games were held that year (or '44) due to WW2.

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Who else is in? Istanbul, which is a Chaos now so I think they wont stand a chance and Spain? Hmm Spain or Japan, I feel this can go either way. I personally hope Spain wins, Japan needs some more time to get everything straight.

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If Tokyo wins, remember it can show the world how well they have recovered since the disaster of WWII/Fukushima/DPRK abductions/etc. No other country has ever had anything bad happen to it, so none are as worthy as Japan to win.

OK, slightly OTT but you get the idea.

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tokyo: I hope you LOSE. I love Japan but I HATE the Olympics. I didn't hate the Olympics till I came to Japan.

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Unfortunately, the far smarter Spanish and Turkish people are making it clear that many of them don't want this corrupt, expensive circus coming to town, leaving the people to foot the bill while the fat cats make a mint out of it. Therefore it will come by default to Safety Japan. I fear we're stuck with it, people, whatever many may think. Most aren't in favour, it's just apathy about protesting that has won the toss. So everyone, take a deep breath of those radionucleides being released this very moment over the city from incinerators around Tokyo and draining into the waters of Tokyo bay from the rivers, or being dumped directly into it, and give a shout for the Great Safety Olympic C~I~I~I~R~C~U~S~S~!!!

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TOKYOm I hope you can get these games once again!!

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nice try but no

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With the way Turkey is right now, I'm guessing Japan's chances are pretty good.

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Actually 3 times if you include Nagano. Not Tokyo, but Japan.

I'm with the naysayers.

And if they do get it there should be a stipulation that for that and all other Olympics J broadcasters must give full coverage to foreign athletes, and cover sports that don't have Jpns entered in them to a reasonable extent, and also continue to cover sports that Jpns lost in the early rounds of all the way to the finals so we can actually find out who wins.

I am sick of this big Judo tournament that gets called the Olympics every four years, and the only coverage of the foreign athletes is paparazzi pix of lady athletes' crotches when their panties are showing that get printed in the back pages of the weekly rags FLASH and Friday.

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