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I see. Both of them are protesting are they?

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I worry about something. What if big earthquake hit long wide area including Tokyo during the Olympics. Govt scientists still insist a big earthquake happens with probability 70-80% within 30 years. I heard this information about 10 years ago. Maybe this year may be 90-99%.

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Is a little too late to protest isn't it? Considering the amount of work,resources, time, sweat and money pour into it. Anyone who want to stop it now must be very high on drugs. Is suicide to stop it now.

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big turnout. the loser doesn't even have the courage to show their face. well done

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What are they protesting about? Money? Tourists? Unused venues after the games? The autonomous shuttles will take away jobs of drivers? Not another mascot?

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Quite a turn out. I bet the chants and noise could be heard for miles. I bet they needed extra police.

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Haha .not such a grate idea ha,?. Didn't they saw the waste in brazil.

Or russia... they could had used all those resources to help fukushima people get housing and gelp displaced families.

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What is the point of protesting now?

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It’s going to happen so just take your sign and go home

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