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Omotesando nights


Tokyo's swanky Omotesando district is lit up for Christmas.

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its begining to look a lot like 'Crassmas" all that shopping so little time

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wooooow the lights so beautiful

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Send the money saved on the power bill by not turning these on up north please. Seems everyone is already set to forget.

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Decorations and a few lights would be appropriate. This and every other over-done lighting arrangement is totally infuriating! Fukushima happened and a large chunk of this country was irradiated for the sake of satisfying this sort of waste of electricity!

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Omotesando makes me cringe at the best of times. Wasting energy on outlandish lights on the street of crassness while people in Fukushima freeze is just disgusting.

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Omotesando's illumination is one of seasonal event. I am wondering to perform this year because of this electric shortage. I releaf and a little worry about the situation. Is it OK to do this kind of waste thing in this crisis time?

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risamamachan & TinMadDog.

Most of the illuminations this year are now all LED which means a 90% reduction in electricity used, much of which is paid by shops surrounding the areas.

Of course on the other hand we can also have areas with no cheer, no fun where nobody goes to spend money and thus keep the economy going.

This years illuminations are way different to previous ones.

That your choice? Or you just posting against Japan?

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xmas without the blue lights

thank u tokyo

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Only how many 8, 7 nuclear power plants are on line? Where is the power shortage? If everything is fine without them, they aren't needed.

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"swanky Omotesando"

How swanky could it be with McD's there, ha ha!

warnerbro - Good point! Maybe they aren't needed after all!

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