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On guard


Megumi Ikeda, left, and Ayaka Shimokawa demonstrate fencing during an event called Tokyo Sports Town at Sensoji temple in Tokyo. It was part of a promotion to bring awareness about the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, which will be held in Tokyo in October 2011.

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Thought it was the wrong picture on the frontpage, as I couldnt see the fencers.

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Didn't expect to see this. At first, I started to think that the one tower in the background was a guard tower of some sort due to the title. Always did love Japanese architecture.

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A bit of an odd choice to hold a fencing demonstration, though certainly a good place for taking advantage of ambient publicity. Always lots of people at Sensoji.

I was rather captivated by the serenity of the Benten-Do and the Bell of Time. Very peaceful area, a nearly isolated little spot of the temple grounds.

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Shouldn't that be "en guard" if it's French? Sounds like "on guard" though.

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Although I spent only one week in Tokyo, with all its wonders, the Shitamachi is still my favorite place; definitely the "real" Tokyo. It is my concept of the old Tokyo of the 1950's and prior to that. The Tokyo of Yasujiro Ozu.

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