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Japanese students play Pokemon Go on a street in Tokyo on Friday.

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They'll be diognosed with "Texting Elbow" in 20 or 30 years.

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Don't forget to do your summer homework! :)

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Aw I feared. It begins. As long as they don't play while walking. That I can't stand.

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Queue the line ups at the hospitals for 'go' related injuries and people complaining of trespassers on their property or in places where the general public shouldn't be wandering into.

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Players will stat bumping into each other on crowded Shinjuku streets. I hope there are no treasures hidden here.

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Though there are groups of kids around parks and the like with heads into video games, video game cards - just like they used to be into their Gameboy DS pokemon, there has been so much media hype about this Pokemon Go.

The older mid or late 20s guy walking up towards these kids is smacking his forehead in recollection: 'So, it begins again!', or something more profane.

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Shibuya is gonna go off, looking at the map it's full of spots

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Standing around looking for Pokemons!

I can see the frustrations building.......

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inkochi: "The older mid or late 20s guy walking up towards these kids is smacking his forehead in recollection: 'So, it begins again!', or something more profane."

Yeah, tell that to the numerous accidents that have happened so far world-wide, including shootings when strangers walked onto private properties in the US. I guarantee that by the end of the weekend we'll be reading about accidents caused by people playing this game in Japan. There are already enough accidents caused by people who aren't concentrating, imagine when they bolt across the streets to catch characters. I rode my bike home and there was an idiot on his bike down the road, weaving, and then doing circles in the middle of the road, not taking his eyes off his phone for one second until he hit the curb and nearly wiped out. Turns out he was circling around to catch a Pokemon because he missed it when swerving from right to left. I could go around him easily enough, but had I been driving a car I would have had to stop or else would have hit him. He honestly looked like he was drunk and trying to ride a figure eight.

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I'm in total agreement with you on this one Smith. There you go

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Zombies are so easily controlled.This game will do well in japan where everybody has to be same and do the same things.............

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I tried it... for about 15 minutes, then deleted the app from my phone. Being an fairly avid pokemon player, the battle system is dumbed down to idiot levels. I'm sticking with my 3DS (which is also portable) pokemon games. Besides, Sun and Moon are coming out soon and I'm more than happy with the gameplay on the handheld since they started doing X and Y. So much more entertaining.

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