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Scary and magnificent. I hope they're on the same side as me.

Great photo.

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Man,those below-the-knee skirts sure make their legs appear short.

This picture gives a new meaning to 'Handbags at Dawn'.

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The handbags seem so 1950s. Why not allow them to carry their SDF issued weapon?

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These same comments pop up from year to year. It is a DRESS/CEREMONIAL uniform and reality is not much different from the "dress blues" of other armed forces including the US military.

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"Legs" by ZZ Top playing in my head now...

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The fact that they are not carrying weapons indicates to me that these are not combat troop members of the JSDF.

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I'm a huge fan of everything SDF, and this is great, but they really need to lose the purses. It's way outdated.

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Handbags? I thought "concealed weapons".

And what a parade. The "Big Boss" must have enjoyed it to the utmost.

Moving back to the (inglorious) past more and more.

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Nice photo

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Looks iron tough as North Koreans!

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