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Nice photo. So the cherry blossom is okanzakura, wonder what species the bird is.

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it's a mejiro, i think

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Nice photo. So the cherry blossom is okanzakura, wonder what species the bird is.

it's a mejiro, i think

I think so, too. I like birdwatching, and these small birds are both beautiful and elusive. You can find them in and around Osaka Castle Park.

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The Mejiro, also known as the White Eye, is easily identifiable by the white ring around its eye. They make great subjects for photos with the Sakura blossoms.

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Beautiful picture..


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Nice photo.

We had a mejiro nest in a maple in our garden. I tried to keep out the way, and four or five chicks were born. They left the nest in just ten days. It was amazing to witness.

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Where I'm from we call them wax-eye or silvereye. Few years ago now one decided to adopt us after we had raised it from a chick. We found it beneath a tree, just hatched, and my family being my family collected it up and took it home. Cheeky little brat it was... but really cute all the same.

Great photo.

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Uguisu bird in beautiful blossoms...

How I miss this sight (and sound)-

They also sing so lovely!

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