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Get in line according to rank!! if you are on the outside you are basically a flunkey with no power.

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Looks like a typical rush hour commuter train crowd to me.

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Clever monkeys using each other's body heat. Makes perfect sense. They always find a way. Agreed about the concrete though. Should be a clay area with pebbles or something.

Reminds me of the floor in my apartment basically built onto of a concrete pad. Bloody freezing.

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All of them are females monkey and babies Now put a mature male monkey in the cage with them. The Male would be lucky live 5 minutes.

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Every winter many wild monkeys and other animals are starving to death because of lately not enough food on mountains. Monkeys. boars, bears, deer sometimes come down to village/town to search food before winter. Zoo monkeys are kinda lucky because never starving to death in there.

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Picture of the Day It Seems.

Tonosho Zoo must close. And these poor beautiful monkeys liberated to live in their natural home.

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Cruelty To Animals: Top Level.

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There are rocks, pebbles, and soil in there. Not all concrete floor.

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Concrete floor & walls, big open wall for the wind, lovely

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That concrete floor mimics the natural environment and ensures any body heat is sucked strait out of the body. But what do I know, I don’t have a Masters or a Degree on animal care, like the zoo staff, management. I imagine they will drag dead monkeys with a hook out of their cage regularly.

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correction : hot bath

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Monkeys are okay. Mountain (wild) monkeys do same thing during winter. Zoos give them wood fire or hot both sometimes.

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Poor little guys..

BTW, Awaji Island Monkey Center has a great live stream for those who enjoy monkey watching.


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Well that seems like the zoo has some care and concern about its captive inmates?

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