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Optimistic BOJ governor


Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Haruhiko Kuroda speaks during an upper house financial committee meeting in the Diet in Tokyo on Thursday. Kuroda said he expects the positive effects of the bank's negative interest rate policy to gradually spread to the economy and prices.

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Kuroda said he expects the positive effects of the bank’s negative interest rate policy to gradually spread to the economy and prices.

Meanwhile in other news...

Japan slips back to deficit

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And tomorrow, when the week closes in deficit and deflation, as well as the massive drop we saw last week not being regained, he'll say that it's not his fault, or the fault of his plan, but because of China, and because companies are not increasing wages enough (as they haven't been his ENTIRE TIME ON THE JOB). The only guy positive about his own policies is THIS clown!

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Everyone in the background trying to stay awake.

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Creating debt is not good... if you don't have the money, don't spend it.

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He said GRADUALLY,this means takes time to spread to economy and prices,its clear enough. We dont have to talk about current situation to attack him,whats going on is a result of old policies,international uncertainty and instability all over the world as shown in troubled stock markets,currencies,commodities,etc. economic reformations or plans needs time to show results.Patience is a good quality.Dont look back in anger.Japan economy is not in danger up till now,what we see are difficulties,hardship and hard times,but never hurry on down,

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ghoneim, stop the cheerleading.

Kuroda has been talking about his policies having a "gradual" effect since 2009. It's the same "gradual" effect of English lessons on the Japanese population, ie, none at all to negative.

The use of the term "gradual" by any Japanese politician is nothing more than double speak for "I'm blowing hot air and lying through my teeth, but if I set the goalposts far enough in the future, by the time those benchmarks come to pass I will be so old and retired that nobody can hold me accountable for my screwups."

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David varnes,i understand and respect your opinion,but didnt i ask not to look back in anger?Because it makes no sense now,More over the international markets and economies disorder every where different than before.Does it make sense if we keep blaming republicans because of catastrophic policies of George B.?!

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Of course he is optimistic.

He doesn't have to worry about his salary, does he?

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Half the people look like they are texting!

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Is it true that he later said that sprinkling fairy dust will also help improve the economy of the galaxy?

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their faces tell a different story. Seems they themselves don't believe in this bs?

Look at the watch on the wall. It is probably because of lunch time.

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