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Japan's Princess Kiko, left, receives the Medal of the Order of the Sun from Peru's President Ollanta Humala, while Prince Akishino and Peru's First Lady Nadine Heredia look on at the government palace in Lima on Monday. Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko are on a five-day official visit to Peru.

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Do they say what the award is for? what must one do to earn this accolade? I would suggest living it up on the tax-payer coin seems the only accurate answer.

But, hey, good to see those who were born into a particular family being treated as though they were special. It's a great, equitable, system

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People who promote goodwill and friendship receive that medal. People who promote hate will not get one.

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What did she do to deserve this?

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The expression 'first lady' is a purely American thing and has no place in any other country. But, would have to say Mr Humala is well accompanied judging from this picture.

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theeastisred: The wife of the President of any Latin American country has been always called "La Primera Dama" The First Lady. It is not an "American" term. I am Costa Rican, so I know.

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OK I was wrong about that then. But it always sounds false/weird when used in connection with European or Asian countries including Japan.

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People who promote goodwill and friendship receive that medal. People who promote hate will not get one.

Well said.

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Peru seeking money from Japan

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People who promote goodwill and friendship receive that medal.

According to Wiki, it's awarded 'to commend notable civil and military merit'. They've done nothing military, so it must be for something civil. Other notable recipients include Edward VIII, Thor Heyerdahl, Haile Selassie, Ikeda Daisaku, Alexei Kosygin, Leonid Brezhnev and Paul McCartney. Doesn't give us any clues.

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According to the Peruvian press, both the Prince and Princess were awarded the Order of the Sun. But still no details as to why....

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It's because they are from the Land of the Rising Sun. And they're Royalty. Because of the fate of birth. Other than that they could be working in the local conbi. Where they would have to sell extra bento's to get their employee of the week pic on the board.

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