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Osaka Castle


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It's a nice place to visit. Photo shoot should have included views from the top floor.

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I went there a few years ago, but for me it was not so nice. It was completely renovated inside, so it looked a little bit fake for me.

But the surroundings are nice.

Same for Himeji.

Inside so so, but the surroundings are very nice.

But this is only my opinion.

My friends really liked and enjoyed both castles.

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Same for Himej

Himeji and Osaka castles are very different. Osaka is a concrete-made replica, while Himeji is original, though it was renovated several years ago.

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For the longest time, I never knew the original Osaka Castle was black, not white. It kind of tripped me out.

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Got over the fact that the castle is made from concrete since the original was destroyed by wartime fire bombing. Greta location for plum and cheery blossoms. Very popular site.

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