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American actor Leonardo DiCaprio waves as he attends a news conference to promote his movie "The Revenant" in Tokyo on Wednesday. DiCaprio won the Academy Award for best actor for his role in the film which opens in Japan on April 22 in time for the Golden Week holidays.

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I like his acting in many movies, but that movie was way overrated, wayyyyyy tooooo long and boring as sin.

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Well, at least Japanese moviegoers will be able to enjoy the suspense of not knowing whether or not he will make it back alive. The title was a huge spoiler for anyone who speaks English.

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I wonder if he'll kill two birds with one stone and film a Japanese commercial while he's here.

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THIS is why so many movies come to Japan late, among other reasons; so that the lead actor can appear in person for PR events. Had it come even a week ago and DiCaprio would still be in the US media talking about his Academy Award.

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For some reason that looks like a Madame Tussauds wax figure.

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want to see a great movie about man vs bear? watch Grizzly Man - there's no happy ending, but it's true...

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The title was a huge spoiler for anyone who speaks English.

Hands up all those native speakers who had to look up the dictionary. What, only me?

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Completely disagree with shonanbb. Boring??? Not at all. It's a visual and mind bending action masterpiece. Filmed on location with available light, the beauty of the earth is revealed in its harshest form. There's a purity to this film that is awe inspiring.

The Revenant is a great film. Incredibly photographed, with scenes that are instant classics. It's a tough watch because it'll make the audience uncomfortable as survival is freezing as it is physically painful, and the audience feels those sensations. It is a tiring film to watch, but is an extension of how difficult and exhausting the film must have been to make. True artists made this film, they didn't cut corners. Not for impatient viewers, though, they won't get it...

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