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Are they just casually walking around a covid ward with nothing but a cheap mask??!!! I'm assuming that's an actual covid patient lying there just a few feet away.

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You would think the government would focus on early treatment methods to prevent people reaching the "oxygen station" (which is one step closer to the grave)?

You have to give them credit though. When the nation decides to collectively go over a cliff, it's always government approved.

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As a strong young man in his early 20s I was given some meds told to go home and "recuperate" from "mild" case of Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

A week later, barely able to take a breath, I made my way to the hospital ( yeah I was an idiot thought "hey I'm young don't need an ambulance" also didn't want any work colleagues to be picking me up, I was a paramedic).

Nearly 5 weeks later, weighing just over 32 kg I finally left the hospital, yes I came very close to dying, intubated, kidneys shut down, dialysis, etc...

That was how fast things went from mild to deadly serious.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae is normally very easily treated, it is generally a walk in the park compared to covid.

I remained with lung damage and kidney problems, since that time.

This idea that these people having breathing problems necessitating oxygen treatment are going to leave their home, go to one of these stupid facilities get some oxygen for a few hours and just go back home is pure insanity.

Any doctor or nurse participating in this travesty of medical malpractice should loose the license.

This is what happens when politicians think they know better than the medical professionals.

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I thought Koike was actually ahead of the game when Covid really started becoming an issue in Tokyo. Sadly since then she hasn't been much more effective than the geriatric brigade. Now it's just platitudes and set-up photos.

It's starting to remind me of a one-off cartoon in Viz magazine, featuring DIana (Princess of Wales) in a landmine hospital, looking at a girl in a hospital bed.

Doctor: "This young girl only has one leg ma'am"

Diana: "Oh really? And how many legs did she used to have?"

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When the nation decides to collectively go over a cliff, it's always government approved.



weighing just over 32 kg

Sweet mother. Unless you're a midget, that is skin and bones.

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Pukey2Today  08:42 am JST


weighing just over 32 kg

Sweet mother. Unless you're a midget, that is skin and bones

Average height.

I was skin and bones.

You never want to end up intubated on a ventilator with a feeding tube.

I am not a doctor, I am however a trained paramedic ( though it has been 3 decades since I work as one but I keep up on things).

One thing for sure is mycoplasma pneumoniae is far less dangerous than covid ( for one thing there are a few simple antibiotics that easily treat it).

You or anyone else do not want to end up with multiple tubes down your throat with a machine breathing for you and what is essentially adult version of baby formula the only thing you get to "eat".

The sad thing is far to many still think it is the over 65 in severe cases in Japan.

The Tokyo government figures for July 28 had 47 out of the 80 severe cases being people between 39 and 59.

In Tokyo severe cases are only those on a ventilator, we are now at 270 severe cases.

Stay safe.

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Antiquesaving, you certainly had a rough time. I am glad you survived.

Did this happen before the Olympics? Do you think many cases of covid were diagnosed as mycoplasma pneumoniae? That could go part of the way to explain the sudden surge once the Olympics got underway, and Suga and Koike got their way.

As a paramedic had you been vaccinated?

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gaijintravellerToday  09:40 am JST

My story was over 30 years ago back home.

It was to illustrate how something simple involving breathing can turn suddenly very quickly into life threatening.

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Looks like a hospital. How many beds? Only in Shibuya?

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The funny thing is I know far more non Japanese that eat natto than will eat umeboshi ( I love umeboshi despite them definitely being not good for you).

Well, to be honest, I feel like gagging sometimes when I eat umeboshi.

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130, yes only Shibuya. See @blue's link (thank) for more detail.

It is most likely a hospital but they do not want to call it this way because whatever reason, perhaps legal ones. As it is not officially a hospital, perhaps it is easier to make the patients enter then leave, less rules regarding staffing and bear less responsability if anything go south. Do not know, just hypothesis.

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