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Members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces deploy Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missiles at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo on Wednesday night. The government has deployed PAC-3 interceptor missiles in Tokyo to prepare for the launch of a North Korean rocket.

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Good Greenery, awesome pic !

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Fantastic picture! I looked but couldn't find a current article on this but...where are all the missiles being set up? Is it exclusively Tokyo, and then the rest are off-shore on ships?

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Total waste of money.

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Neversubmit, I agree and disagree. To be honest, JT readers may say a waste of money but the truth be told, if they need to use it, the comments would read, "it was so smart of the government to place them around Tokyo." We all know how unpredictable and inexperienced North Korea is. As the old saying goes. "It's better to be safe than sorry."

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Is it exclusively Tokyo, and then the rest are off-shore on ships?

No and no.

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These can also be used to shoot down North Korean Warplanes.

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isn't it dangerous to have the public knows the location of these PAC-3 missiles? I hope it's well guarded cuz it seems easy to locate and conduct sabotage and guerilla tactics by a certain group in Japan. that is if they ever wanted to.

I came to realize that North Korea may launch this that, if anything tragic went wrong, will create a domino effect which could ultimately lead to that "December, 21st, 2012" event.

I, myself, doesn't believe in all that Mayan Apocalypse thing, but it's very well can be man-made and North Korea looks like it wants to be a part of it....

East Asia seems like a very tense region right now....

an alternate effect could be the Dec. 16 elections which will ultimately decides the leader of Japan and the world's 3rd (or 4th) largest economy and the direction it's heading.

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Seiryuu, These particular ones are at the defense headquarters in Ichigaya, which is WELL guarded. (Novelist Mishima got in there in 1970 and tried to bring about a coup, but security has been buffed up since.)

There are others located around the country, in less publicly announced locations. I know of one other location. It wasn't entirely secret amongst the people of the neighborhood, what was hidden behind the huge, built up mounds that could be seen over the tops of walls and fences, but it was a generally known rumour.

I've heard on the news that the flight path of any rocket is expected to pass over or near Okinawa so Aegis ships with their interceptors have been sent in that general direction.

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I hate the stuff some servicemen do in Japan--I'm proud the U.S. gives Japan PAC-3 technology.

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It would be an interesting strategy if North Korea actually hit Tokyo with an unarmed missile test because it might generate sympathy in South Korea and might drive a wedge into the South Korea-US-Japan alliance.

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Is it really necessary to put the PAC-3 in downtown Tokyo? Shouldn't they shoot down the missiles before they reach Japanese territory?

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Probably miss the nth Korean rocket and cause more damage knowing the ineptitude that thrives in this country!!!

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It sure looks like a shoot for the next Gojira movie!

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election show.

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Anyone who would say this is a waste of money or unnecessary must really live in a candy coated happy go lucky small world. It's better to have them in place and not have to use them, rather than not having them there and regret it later.

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Look everybody! We're doing something about the North Korean missile threat!

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